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  1. C

    Help Needed - Normal B12, low everything else

    Hi everyone, I hope you are doing well, or are on the path to it. I've been struggling a lot and I find a lot of advice to be mixed. I think the difficulty is that each of our deficiencies are a little different from the next, so advice isn't perfect. Every test I've done shows normal B12...
  2. nerd

    My Keto Experience

    I recently switched to a ketogenic diet and would like to share my experience and draw attention to some aspects that might not be common knowledge yet. I prepared myself for the ketogenic diet. I had MCT oil, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, and the right food available. I use Fora 6 and Ketonix for keto...
  3. Hufsamor

    Dysregulated provisions of oxidisable substrates to the mitochondria in ME/CFS lymphoblasts (Missailidis et al., 2021)