1. Nord Wolf

    Chronic Lung Inflammation

    I’ve ben struggling with chronic lung inflammation for a handful of years now. My pulmonologist tabled it as Chronic Persistent Moderate Severe Asthma. What an absurd name. The consensus of my healthcare team is that the more severe development of ME/CFS caused the development of Chronic...
  2. W

    Inspired to find what my problem is and need guidance. I've felt like death my entire life, the rare times I didn't tell me this isn't normal.

    Piggybacking off + , a story of a man that suffered CFS alongside POTS...I'm inspired to sort out my body, especially...
  3. B

    Lung & breathing trouble

    I thought a long time about posting this here bcs I doubt the relevance but I do so anyway. Maybe for some it may ring a bell. Or some maybe able to help me out as I found out on this forum are the best non-MD medics. ;) * Because I sometimes have attacks of breathing difficulties (different...