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anti-diuretic hormone

  1. Jesse2233

    Poll: Do you have low vasopressin (ADH)? (Desmopressin / Blood volume / Symptom Reduction)

    Who has had their ADH (anti-diuretic hormone) levels checked and found them to be low? This has been discussed before but I’ve not seen a poll on it. A quick refresher... Antibodies to Arginine Vasopressin / ADH (AVPcAb) have been reported in post viral diabetes insipidus Low ADH has been...
  2. Thinktank

    Desmopressin (ADH) for polyuria (excessive urination)

    My LLMD has prescribed me desmopressin spray to treat my polyuria. Nightly 1 spray in each nostril. The polyuria is worst when i've an episode of excessive inflammation. He believes that's because of certain pro-inflammatory chemicals that disturb the function of the hypothalamus and that leads...