1. Hip

    Those who have had COVID: did you experience anhedonia afterwards (reduced ability to find enjoyment from activities)?

    Has anyone found they are suffering from increased anhedonia after getting COVID? Anhedonia is defined as a reduce ability to derive pleasure or reward from activities that you previously found enjoyable. Anhedonia is caused by a dysfunction in the pleasure circuits of the brain, so that these...
  2. C

    ME/CFS and emotional blunting, apathy, anhedonia, depersonalization, derealization

    Hi, I have been suffering from me/cfs since 2014. As a lot of you I’ve been trying many different treatments from medications to spiritual and lifestyle change, however nothing seems to work that well. However, for the last month or two I am experiencing some emotional changes. Sometimes I am...
  3. Hip

    Glucuronolactone (ingredient of energy drinks like Red Bull) boosts my energy, cognitive clarity, uplifts mood, and has anti-grumpiness effects

    I've been experimenting with the energy-giving supplement glucuronolactone in recent weeks, and have noticed some good results. Glucuronolactone is naturally found in the body (it is an important part of connective tissues), and is an ingredient in some energy drinks. The Red Bull energy drink...