1. M

    Autonomic Neuropathy - What form of carnitine works better?

    Not sure if this is called peripheral or autonomic neuropathy, but my issue is that standing or sitting for an extended period of time has been resulting in burning feet, which takes a while to recover. What form have you found that works better? I assume that either propionyl-l-carnitine...
  2. Abdallah

    L-carnitine great results for fatigue

    hello everyone, i hope you all doing good i read thread here someone said that L-carnitine helped them so i started taking it yesterday, the first day i took 1 pill 500mg, after 30 minutes i felt nice and comfortable feeling inside my body, but i did not felt energy the first day but there was...
  3. bertiedog

    Insomnia with low dose Carnitine

    I was wondering whether others have had sleep issues with L Lcarnitine, even at low dose. I usually take 250 mg with breakfast around 8 - 9 am and it definitely helps give me energy along with Cordyceps, Astragalus and the active B vitamins (but don't take MB12 and folate cos they give me...