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  1. ChristineAndCats

    Thoughts on Ketamine?

    I stumbled across ketamine for my "chronic migraines" and find that it relieves a lot of my symptoms, though I don't understand why. I suspect CCI is my biggest issue and am hoping to pursue treatment for that, but curious to hear others' thoughts on why/how ketamine may be helpful. It's the...
  2. Fogbuster

    Ketamine cures my autonomic dysfunction, exercise and orthostatic intolerance - any idea why?

    Hey guys, As the title suggests taking S-ketamine puts my autonomic nervous system back into balance, it normalises my HPA dysfunction, allows me to exercise and be upright doing activities without my nervous system (and symptoms) going haywire. When I go for a 20-30 min walk with my dog under...
  3. frozenborderline

    Treatments that help attenuate opioid tolerance start with a list of relevant chemicals without much citation: Classes of drugs known or thought to help with this: NMDA antagonists: (Ketamine is one example) Low dose opioid antagonists (LDN is one example) Kappa opioid agonists (low evidence) (Ibogaine is one example) Tlr4...
  4. frozenborderline

    Is Ketamine Really Sympathomimetic? Is Ketamine Really Sympathomimetic? 2015-09-17 02:25:29 Ketamine is a popular yet polarizing drug in emergency medicine. For some, it's the drug of choice for any and every indication in...
  5. Mary

    "A Vaccine for Depression" [Ketamine] - but why not high dose Vitamin C instead?

    ...involves a theory of depression not based on serotonin, but on glutamate-related excitotoxicity which may be linked to depression and PTSD. Ketamine is supposed to help with this, though it is very expensive, has great potential for abuse and unwanted effects. I think targeted high dose...
  6. J

    Ketamine mechanism discovery
  7. hmnr asg

    ketamine injection

    ...I have to quit my job. For me the brain fog is just horrific and sometimes i find it hard to think. Anyhoo, recently I decided to get a ketamine injection. The dose was 0.5mg/kg and the whole thing was pretty awesome! I felt at one with the bed i was laying on and felt pretty good overall...
  8. S

    Ketamine to treat pain in fibro, Lyme, etc. This addresses the pain in various conditions
  9. rebar


    Anyone try ketamine infusion in lower manhattan.
  10. Misfit Toy

    Ketamine Update

    I wanted to give everyone an update. Ketamine nose spray for pain....I took it and it worked for like 10 minutes after taking it and that was it...the miracle drug I have read it to be was not that way for me!! A rhyme! Anyway, just giving all us pain folks an update.
  11. Misfit Toy

    Will be starting Ketamine treatment.

    Anyone else try it? In pain and need help. Opiates make me too sick so this is the next step. Pain can be out of control. If you've tried it, tell me your experience. Will be doing nasal spray.
  12. minkeygirl

    New Fast Acting Antidepressant Not Ketamine,0,2180858.story Existing antidepressants, if they work at all, can take weeks to work, and for the deeply depressed, that can mean the difference between life and death. Researchers have discovered...
  13. M

    Why not Ketamine?

    Are any CFS/ME doctors offering Ketamine treatment for their patients? This drug has some remarkable qualities that would seen to make it a likely treatment for our condition. 'Science' August 20, 2010 Ketamine effects synaptogenesis - in other words, it heals fried brains, and reverses...
  14. N

    Ketamine Rapidly Effective in PTSD
  15. Marco

    Successful NHS Trial of Ketamine for Depression

    Ketamine treatment of depression isn't news but to be trialed within the normally ultra-conservative NHS strikes me as unusual :
  16. P


    I searched here and only found one thread from 3 years ago on ketamine. Anyone has used it since then and would like to share their experience? Thank you
  17. Waverunner

    How Ketamine Defeats Chronic Depression

    ...because of a severe, detrimental effect on them. Current anti-depressants do not work on BDNF (brain-derived-neurotrophic-factor) but Ketamine does. A single, small dose of Ketamine, within 24 hours, significantly increases the connections between neurons and therefore cured the symptoms of...
  18. guest

    Does Prof De Meirleir prescribe Ketamine? the August 20 issue of the journal Science, should speed development of a safe and easy-to-administer form of the anti-depressant ketamine, which has already proven remarkably effective in treating severely depressed patients. The Yale scientists found that, in rats, ketamine not only...
  19. guest

    Ketamine - Secrets of 'Magic' Antidepressant Revealed

    This is great news in my eyes, Ketamine even restores (!) connections between brain cells damaged by chronic stress. Maybe it has some further implications for some of us. In addition to that we have the positive XMRV studies. I guess we had worse days. :Retro smile: ScienceDaily (Aug. 20...
  20. Jenny

    Anyone tried ketamine?

    The attached gives some evidence of its use in fibro and how it might interact with various mechanisms of brain inflammation. Rather a long and complex read! Jenny