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  1. L

    Anyone treating oxalates /on a low oxalate diet?

    I have just come across this and I am going to give it a go. While reading up about recent info on Pyroluria which I tested positive for 10 years ago I came across this problem with Oxalates. Recently I ran out of cacao powder and noticed a big reduction in pain. And I have been sure for ages...
  2. Don Quixote

    Love and hate for vitamin B6

    Are you referring to pyridoxine or p5p? I thought only Pyridoxine can cause nerve damage.
  3. A

    Overdosing B-vitamins and hair loss?

    Thanks for replying. Maybe zinc lowered your copper... Is copper needed for hair growth? I've heard that Yes. But so is Zinc. People with Pyroluria supposedly have high copper and low zinc. I supposedly have mild case of Pyroluria. I wonder if that explains why my hair has always been thick...
  4. A

    Overdosing B-vitamins and hair loss?

    ...some sense. Methyl B12 and Methyl Folate did help in the beginning. It was also Dr Walsh's trained practitioner that believed that I have Pyroluria because my Kryptopyrroles urine test was borderline high, so that's why he told me to take Zinc. My zinc was lowish on the bloodwork as was the...
  5. triffid113

    I strongly need help!

    Fredd, so u take copper citrate? (or was it zinc citrate?) My question 2 you is whether u took / take copper separately from zinc? I am finding taking it before bed helps my sleep feel more restfil. I also take 2 caps of sploray cal-mag and 10mg melatonin I think the calcium might intetfete...
  6. N

    Help with Walsh methylation protocol test results?

    Hi everyone, I just got my results for the Walsh protocol lab tests. In addition to having borderline pyroluria, I had high homocysteine, low histamine, low methionine, low sam-e, high SAH, and low sam-e/SAH ratio. The doctor is booked for a while so I won't be discussing these results with him...
  7. A

    Do methylation vitamins make erections worse?

    ...20Meq (10Meq x 2) - Zinc Picolinate increased from 30mg/2mg Copper to 60mg/4mg Copper (my doctor recommended zinc because I have a slight pyroluria, he said copper is needed as well but my copper was low, so taking it won't hurt) I've also taken these, but recently stopped: - Magnesium...
  8. V

    Severe fatigue due to low phosphorous

    One thing that might actually link the low alkaline phosphatase to low phosphorus is that when one has pyroluria, one usually has low alkaline phosphatase. (Alkaline phosphatase (ALP) is a zinc and magnesium dependent enzyme. When someone is consuming adequate magnesium and is still presenting...
  9. JES

    Chronic infection that you might have never heard about: "ropeworm"

    ...most unsupported ideas, as they have by definition the least evidence to support their case. I spent lots of time looking up things like pyroluria, mega supplementing certain vitamins, etc., which was time I could have spent experimenting with something more useful. I agree with most of...
  10. ahmo

    Cause of heat sensitivity in CFS?

    ...every time I went out. I also had very bad sun intolerance from the time I collapsed w/ ME. Many years later I learned about pyroluria, took the right supps, and the intense discomfort from any sun exposure stopped. Don't know if this is related to heat intolerance. good luck. A...
  11. xena

    Heme dysregulation and secondary porphyria

    ...possibly explained by the ideas mentioned here. I can see various threads linking together like, those benefiting from b2 supplementation, pyroluria, nos/cbs issues, my issues with folate supplementation causing anxiety and wheezing, porphyrins in urine following Chlamydia pneumonia...
  12. V

    Machine Learning-assisted Research on CFS

    I was thinking pyroluria, but I think those are given as causes. Yes, to both, but why? Do you know? I don't know why. Pyroluria also involved low zinc and low alkaline phosphatase. Just don't want to start the pyroluria debate, but hopefully not too many people will see it.
  13. L

    Carnivore Diet for ME?

    ...lamb chops as they are the fattiest and the cheapest. Are you managing to eat enough fat according to PKD. I tested positive for Pyroluria and when I took the B6 and Zinc my anxiety went away. But now that I have created this bubble of a life I don't take them as I have very little stress...
  14. calexis6666

    Histamine Intolerance

    I just got the Pyroluria/Histamine test back and I have high Histamine. But I also have high Serotonin which is odd. I took 5 HTP and got a massive migraine. My doctor was looking right at Walsh protocol and he told me to take 5 mg of Manganese. I'm just confused if Histamine is the whole...
  15. calexis6666

    Undermethylation/Histamine the best test?

    So, I took the Histamine and Pyroluria test. I am an UM. So my Naturopath gave me 5 HTP and I have a huge migraine. I remember years ago I had a test and I was high in Serotonin. Which is strange cuz usually under methylators are low in Serotonin. So I'm wondering if this is the best test for...
  16. calexis6666

    Pyroluria, is it real? I'm really skeptical and here is why.

    I get terrible headaches after taking B6. I do have Pyroluria as well as CBS. How can I fix the deficiency if I can't take the B6? I may try small amounts...
  17. calexis6666

    Pyroluria and CBS mutation with Salycilate Intolerance in the mix. Ugh!

    Hi, So I just discovered I have Pyroluria in addition to the CBS mutation and Salycilate and Sulfur intolerance . So I am first eliminating ammonia from my body and I'm only on elemental supplements because I cannot tolerate the cellulose or additives in supplements. I can't handle magnesium...
  18. pattismith

    Zinc deficiency alters purinergic signaling

    this is very interesting, did you experiment the same kind of sickness I noticed? I wonder if it a sign that we need zinc, maybe we should take smaller dose to start? I also found one study stating that zinc could improve blood fluidity:
  19. hixxy

    Zinc deficiency alters purinergic signaling

    ...can't tolerate zinc supplementation anyway, makes me feel horribly sick (not gut like most people, but full body sick). I also got a controversial very strong positive test result for pyroluria many years ago which is linked to zinc deficiency but also can't tolerate B6 supplementation (any...
  20. Learner1

    CBS / Ammonia / Glutathione

    It would be helpful if you made that clear. However, my SNPs are quite similar, and the advice you gave woukd be a disaster for me, due to environmental factors that have changed my biochemistry. Numerous studies have found significant oxidative and nitrosative stress in ME/CFS patients, where...
  21. Methyl Head

    CBS / Ammonia / Glutathione

    ...of certain SNPs, what stage you're in as far as treatment is concerned and like you said cellular health. 400 mg P-5-P would be pyroluria dosage levels but for someone with early stage and unaddressed CBS that would only add to their toxicity (I know it's a hottly debated subject on whether...
  22. L

    Pyroluria, is it real? I'm really skeptical and here is why.

    I tested high for pyroluria some years back. Being treated helped me a lot with anxiety, brain fog and being wired and tired.
  23. C

    Pyroluria, is it real? I'm really skeptical and here is why.

    I was diagnosed with Pyroluria a couple of years ago, and afterwards found benefit from supplementing Zinc and B6 in the evenings. I was also told not to have Omega 3 and to actually have more Omega 6 as Omega 3 can trigger Neuropsychiatric symptoms by some mechanism. After experimenting on and...
  24. P

    OAT - Organic Acid Testing - is it useful?

    As already said, with regular B6 blood test you're only sure if it shows deficiency. With normal or above nothing for sure.
  25. P

    Is there a reliable way to assess B6 status? with the lab range being 5.3-46.7. What do I know, but that sure doesn't sound to me like a profound deficiency of B6 as supposedly pyroluria causes. At this point I am very loath to supplement at high dose as I was advised -- 300 mg./day (3 times the official upper limit of safety)--...
  26. P

    OAT - Organic Acid Testing - is it useful?

    ...on the basic blood test, my result is 35.7 ug/L with the lab range (Labcorp) being 5.3-46.7. What do I know, but that sure doesn't sound to me like a profound deficiency from "pyroluria" requiring supplementation at 300 mg./day (3 times the official upper limit of safety), as I have been...
  27. O

    Undermethylation rollercoaster on SAMe and active Bs

    ...cycle into a side reaction • CYP2C19*17 • SOD2 A16V Tests • ND guess is undermethylation, Zinc and B group deficiencies (pyroluria), however no tests were done • Based on Imupro – high histamines / low DAO in blood, IgE reactions to most of the foods I ate, especially eggs, milk...
  28. P

    Is there a reliable way to assess B6 status?

    ...some claim organic acid tests can give a reliable measure of functional B6 status. As a side note, when I spoke to two practitioners about pyroluria, I pointed out that I don't have any of the classic physical signs of B6 or zinc deficiency, and that I have very vivid dream recall at least...
  29. P

    Is there a reliable way to assess B6 status?

    ...are several here like it. Dominic certainly believes there is compelling evidence. As to the alleged deficiency in pyroluria, the claim is that pyrolles bind zinc and B6...
  30. R

    Is there a reliable way to assess B6 status?

    ...of b6 and zinc. zinc supplements alone deplete copper. eat oysters for zinc which have all the other minerals too. b6 is in rice bran, paprika, chilli, pistachio, brazil nuts. there is no evidence of pyroluria genetic disease so the folks promoting it should be asked to provide evidence for it.