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  1. X

    Digesting Fat with Liver Issues

    No diagonisis, actually ultrasound and blood tests are all normal. I have tried bile salts before and also foods that increase bile (Artichoke, Milk Thistle etc), made my symptoms worse.
  2. B

    [Study] Butyrate and bacteria levels CFS (Nov 2021)

    ...foods and apparently it also positively responds to exercise! Biomesight suggests increasing these foods: Banana, Onion ,Red wine, Cranberries, Matcha, Oat,Pomegranate,Asparagus,Apples,Cashews,Carrots, Green tea,Wheat,Green banana,Apricots,Cherries,Potato,White...
  3. Judee

    New mystery illness after mosquitos, pesticide and travel. Would appreciate ID/opinions :)

    I would suspect the spraying for the insects did it. Maybe try some very gentle liver detoxing to see if that helps. I've never had a bad or harsh reaction to artichoke but of course, everyone is different. Also try to avoid further chemical exposures which will just add to your toxic load.
  4. Judee

    Gallbladder (Bile) and SIBO

    There have been times when I can feel my gallbladder release bile after I have taken artichoke in capsule form. The bottle even has a warning not to take if a person has gallstones because what I understand can happen is they get released and then bile duct can get clogged with the stones...
  5. Judee

    Deglycerized licorice (DGL) and weight loss.

    ...(DGL) or Aloe -Nausea - Ginger (but can make acid worse) -Rot Gut (food feels like it just sits there like a rock) - Digestive Enzymes or artichoke w/or w/o milk thistle -IBS Stomach cramps - Mycopryl (+ Pepogest if really bad--but the latter can make acid worse) -Gas and Bloating - Activated...
  6. Judee

    Burning in spine

    ...brain stem. When it happens, it feels like they are swelling and throbbing. I think you need to support detox first. I would start with Artichoke or Milk Thistle. Some formulas have both. I had the brain swell feeling yesterday and I could feel the Artichoke working very quickly. Secondly...
  7. M

    Chinese skullcap seems to correct PEM/the energy problem in ME

    I posted a study earlier in the thread, albeit in chickens. I have not tried boswellia. Curcumin did not have any noticeable effect except for making GI issues worse, but that was when my gut issues were pretty bad, maybe I should try it again.
  8. Learner1

    Chinese skullcap seems to correct PEM/the energy problem in ME

    ...the liver and the mitochondria, which are the places the liver damage occurs. Again, curcumin may be helpful, as well as milk thistle, artichoke, and other botanicals, as well as mitochondrial support nutrients. Supporting mitochondria with nutrients, a "mitochondrial cocktail" can go a long...
  9. H

    Overheated Liver?

    is there one good super supplement for the liver that combines what you listed? How long does it take to see results? also if glutathione helps detox can it cause herx?
  10. ljimbo423

    Overheated Liver?

    ...These toxins (LPS) need to be detoxified from the body and the main organ that does that is the liver. So taking herbs like milk thistle, artichoke extract, burdock root and dandelion root can help support the liver in detoxifying these. Alpha lipoic acid and N-acetyl-l-cysteine are also...
  11. overtheedge

    Pale Stool and Bile Salts

    ...them made me feel good for a week or few but the effects petered out: mastic gum, ghee butter, supplemental butyric acid, ox bile, bitters, artichoke hearts, milk thistle, aloe vera, marshmallow root, slippery elm, betts and beet juice, kefir, kombucha, elimination diet, and low fodmap diet...
  12. M

    Unfolded Protein Response and A Possible Treatment for CFS

    ...tried to take luteolin which might be even better in quenching the inflammation but there is no place to buy it easily. Of course, there is artichoke extract (contains luteolin) but I am allergic to it (this time it's a real allergy to it or to a tablet component, I think). I'm mentioning...
  13. H

    What a surprise - gut bad = m.e bad

    ...gullet, sour sensation across sides of tongue, then hey presto, I may start a new suppliment, and it suddenly disappears (tried turmeric/artichoke/various probiotics/ herbs for candida called dida, plus many others). I eat no sugar, no fruit, no wheat, no dairy no eggs. It's an absolute...
  14. Jo86

    Most Restrictive Diet Possible

    ...What I've started doing is: just proteins (fish, lean meat, poultry, eggs), cut out all veggies except lettuce, and then avocados artichoke olives ginger garlic 95%chocolate thyme/rosemary teas, that's it. I'm looking to see some kind of change, possibly within a month. Could you suggest...
  15. ljimbo423

    What does elevated bilirubin indicate?

    ...Tylenol, etc., very judiciously, which you are probably already aware.:thumbsup: Things like milk thistle extract, alpha lipoic acid, NAC, artichoke extract, etc. are very helpful for the liver and can take a lot of stress off it, by boosting antioxidants, among other things, (mainly...
  16. Judee

    What does elevated bilirubin indicate?

    ...jaundice in the hospital. It seems to work for her and her jaundice goes away. We also use things to support her liver like milk thistle, artichoke, and NAC and make sure that she isn't taking anything like too many thiols or tylenol that may be overburdening her liver. This website says...
  17. hberg

    I get depression and anxiety after constipation is fixed

    ...times (LCHF was the best but not perfect) i tried some supplements to help with digestion. These were digestive enzymes (Enzymedica Gold), artichoke extract (german brand) and dandelion root (tea). After taking any one of the supplements, my constipation resolves around a day and is then...
  18. voyteck

    Help with ideas on prokinetics for gastroparesis and advice on Mestinon

    ...months on it) and didn't tolerate higher dosages. The only option I see now is sulpiride trial (very reluctant). How is your trial with mirtazapine going (what dosage)? @search4health Could you specify what form / dosage of artichoke you're taking? I mean as standarized supplement or...
  19. S

    Help with ideas on prokinetics for gastroparesis and advice on Mestinon

    Ginger and artichoke help me (to a degree) with slow motility. There is a supplement called motility activator with both in it. However I have had more success with higher doses of both than they put in motility activator and you can buy them for cheaper prices than motility activator costs...
  20. Judee

    Headache after TMG (Betain) ?!

    ...they took Oxymatrine and I wondered the same thing. When I'm toxic and get a migraine from it, supporting my liver with supplements like Artichoke and Milk Thistle seems to help. Edit: The other thing is how is your mood after you take it? TMG makes both me and my mother very tense after we...