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  1. W

    Urine Test for Optimum Diet I don't know how accurate this will turn out to be, but it certainly sounds like a good idea. I'd like to be able to go to a doctor (or get a home device that hooks up to a computer or...
  2. C

    CFS Recovery Group London - ANS Rewire/Gupta Programme/Optimum Health Clinic

    ...I've left this site now but the contact information below is the best way to contact me about the group. I also corrected the name of the Optimum Health Clinic, in the text below, in the 2nd edit to make it easier to search for. I've changed nothing else. Edit 1 : email me at...
  3. slysaint

    Anyone had experience with the optimum health clinic UK?

    I signed up to this clinic online and have received a load of literature and they regularly send videos and newsletters. Just watched the latest one on 'tired and wired'. Wondered if anyone else has heard of it/used it?
  4. C

    Optimum health clinic, Mickel therapy and the lightening process

    ...I saw also recommended trying the lightening process. There seem to be a couple of similar approaches around, e.g. Mickel therapy and the optimum health clinic. I have decided to give one a try but wondered which is the best one to go for. I am tempted by the optimum health clinic because...
  5. Jenny

    Evaluation of aspects of Optimum Health Clinic treatment programme

    A couple of years ago, I was a participant in a treatment trial run by researchers affiliated to the Optimum Health Clinic in the UK. I was in the experimental group, and was asked to do their various mindfulness-type exercises for at least half an hour a day for 8 weeks. I actually scored worse...
  6. hanhanhannah11

    Has anyone tried The Optimum Health Clinic - if so, what did you think?

    ...of time and money into trying various different treatments in the hopes that something will make a difference. I've always been aware of the optimum health clinic but i've never really explored it, however my condition has worsened over the past year and now I am quite desperate to see...
  7. Journeyman

    Dosage tweaking for optimum methylation

    Hi folks, I've been following a variant of Fredd's protocol for about 10 months now and I've experienced a definite increase in energy levels and wellbeing. Particularly with the introduction of complimentary potassium supplementation in the last 9 months... Having said this I do find that...
  8. S

    The Optimum Health Clinic and its Treatment and Research

    Hi All I've been doing some digging around on the Optimum Health Clinic in London run by Alex Howard. Many of you may know him from his book "Why ME". He was a psychology student at Swansea University, he got sick with a viral illness around the age 17 and it was gone by age 23. During this...
  9. L

    Optimum Health Clinic - anyone used or have an opinion?

    ...1999, relapsed 2007. Want to get better desperately etc etc, you know the rest!!! Two people my mother knows have had some success from the Optimum Health Clinic . One went the psychology route, the other nutrition. I requested the info pack (including an...
  10. S

    Vitamin C - does bowel tolerance level indicate optimum dose?

    Justy raised the interesting question on a thread about the best type of Vitamin C. She asked whether it's wise to let your choice of dose be guided by your bowel tolerance limit. I had assumed for years that it was, because that was what I was reading - that the idea was to titrate up until...
  11. fred

    The Optimum Health Clinic, London

    Has anyone had any experience of this oufit? Looks like a cross between the LP and Gillian McKeith. I can't see that they're regulated by any professional body. But, then, are they ever?