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  1. merylg

    Whole genome done - now what? and I also purchased most of the panels Dante offered at reasonable cost. At times they had special offers.
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    ron davis ME & you & us and glucose?

    I have messed up glucose metabolism & raised fasting insulin. A 2 hr GTT with insulins put me in pre-Type 2 diabetic range. Also have ‘fatty liver’ & Mito Prof recommended low GI diet. My fasting glucose is OK. On HCG diet I could get fasting insulin back to normal. However I think to measure...
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    ron davis ME & you & us and glucose? Interesting that a heterozygous change in SLC16A1 (for MCT1) has been associated with migraines. I do suffer from migraines. I’ve had partial success with prevention by taking Vit B2 Riboflavin.
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    ron davis ME & you & us and glucose?

    That’s great it works for you! Might not work if someone’s fat metabolism system is broken or protein metabolism system is broken... I guess one would soon find out! I had some success with HCG diet so I know I can get ‘fat metabolism’ to work better. However I could not manage the...
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    Chagas disease - ME link?!
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    Is it safe to fly with Emf sensitivity and CFS?

    Mike Snyder addresses the issue of hypoxia on flights in this video around 12:10 mins in...
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    Dante Labs whole genoma testing Results

    Hi @Seven (formerly lnester7) did you request any panels from Dante Labs? I’ve just purchased a Neurology panel & a Metabolic panel. As you know I already have some other panels which were included in their original offer. Not sure what they would have included in your original purchase. How are...
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    Anyone else get recurrent herpes viruses that are not EBV?

    No dizziness or pain or headache. I think GP gave me antibiotic & Valtrex. I do get headaches quite a bit though now & sometimes nerve zaps from turning head but have arthritis in spine, bulging discs & facet joint arthrosis, a previous whiplash injury & have had Ross River Fever 2015. Did IV...
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    Anyone else get recurrent herpes viruses that are not EBV?

    I’ve had one episode of suspected Shingles above one eyebrow (only one small sore & tingling under the skin). My mother had a more severe outbreak also above one eyebrow. I remember the concern that it was so close to her eye. Recently another member of my family had Ramsay Hunt Syndrome Type...
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    Muscle Disease - early & later onset

    Really enjoyed watching this webinar where Dr Emily Oates talks about Titinopathy
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    Cellular mechanisms in ALS/motor neurone disease (Lou Gehrig's Disease)

    Radio interview with Prof Dominic Rowe on Motor Neurone Disease... I'm listening to 'Conversations' with the ABC listen app
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    Emerge Australia ME/CFS International Research Symposium March 12-15, 2019

    The first talk was really interesting. Trying to process it in my foggy head! I came in part way through so missed the name of the speaker but he was talking about Mitochondrial function. ‘ATP synthesis by Complex V is less efficient in ME/CFS cells’
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    Log: MCAS with Primary Immunodeficiency

    Interesting thread! I’d just like to say regarding IVIG that I got to ‘give it a burl’ & I had similar reaction each time of stiff neck & seeming like raised pressure in my head. It only lasted a short time & I managed it just with antihistamine. I did not see any great benefit so I ceased...
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    Pain and systemic inflammation after eating meat - fish - protein

    ? Amine intolerance ? Mammalian Meat Allergy ? Lysinuric Protein Intolerance
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    Mitochondrial encephalomyopathy, lactic acidosis, and stroke-like episodes (MELAS)

    Just came across this link about MELAS
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    Experiences with sleep apnea treatment amd ME/CFS

    I've just started trial of CPAP for mild sleep apnoea. Needed encouragement to get started. Almost gave up before trying but my GP talked me into it!
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    Using Quant. Proteomics to diagnose Mito Disease - Monash Uni
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    Ganglioside antibody test result

    As far as I know, yes. It's been awhile since I tested. My usual pattern is normal levels of IgG & IgM... slightly raised IgA. I'll probably repeat the Ganglioside Ab test in a few months time, out of interest. Also will ask my Integrative GP if can repeat Immunoglobulin levels. Neuro did not...
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    Ganglioside antibody test result

    I have throbbing & burning type pain in my cervical-thoracic spine. Progressing profound muscle weakness mainly in face, neck, arms but also generalised weakness & moderate to severe fatigue. Enthesitis & a lot of muscle pain. Fibromyalgia. Brain fog & cognitive issues. Not much in the way of...
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    Ganglioside antibody test result

    Ganglioside antibody GM-1 IgG.....Not Detected GM-1 IgM.....Not Detected GD-1b IgG....Not Detected GD-1b IgM....Not Detected GQ-1b IgG....Not Detected GQ-1b IgM..* Detected My recent result. Would appreciate help with interpreting this. Value any input or discussion. Thanks!