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  1. ChookityPop

    Dante Labs are offering €199/$229 whole genome testing again up to 29th

    Do you get all those reports with the 30X WGS?
  2. C

    Need to Understand Lithium Dumping gel a bit now. If I am understanding it correctly, what could be going on with me is that my MTHFR C677T SNP, and compromised methylation status, have created high homocysteine (which I have had for many years) which is causing a back-up in the COMT action that would normally convert SAH...
  3. drmullin30

    Need to Understand Lithium Dumping

    As Roberts mentions in there somewhere the important driver for good COMT function is the SAMe to SAH ratio so if your methylation isn't working properly you'll have a poor ratio and this is what he means by acquired dysfunction.
  4. C

    Need to Understand Lithium Dumping

    .... She noticed that certain SNPs are associated with excess lithium excretion. They are MTR+, SHMT+, and MTHFR C677T +. An out of balance methylation cycle will also cause increased lithium excretion. --Dr Amy suggests only low dose lithium support because lithium also inhibits ribonucleotide...
  5. R

    P5P and the after effects

    ...some Methyfolate and give that a go again to see if I can get the balance right and ride it out. From the initial boost I can see that b Vits should helpe but the downstream effect I do not understand and have no idea how to balance. I heard that sam-e is good for rebalancinh over...
  6. drmullin30

    Two Forms of B12 at Once = No Absorption?

    ...anything about COMT causing neuropathy. I have this SNP too and methylcobalamin has caused me to have anxiety and adrenaline problems if methylation isn't functioning well all the way around the cycle. I have my methylation functioning fairly well now and this keeps my SAMe to SAH...
  7. K

    Two Forms of B12 at Once = No Absorption?

    thank you. Given this, what forms of b12 and how much should I take? Should I switch to Methylcoblamin again?
  8. drmullin30

    Two Forms of B12 at Once = No Absorption?

    ...synthesize glutathione. Sometimes, but not usually the glycine or even less likely glutamine can be a limiting factor. Finally, if your methylation cycle isn't functioning correctly glutathione won't work correctly either. Also, I know @Pyrrhus doesn't agree, but some people have found that...
  9. K

    Two Forms of B12 at Once = No Absorption?

    I am suspecting I need to try methylcoblamin again given your comment on the hydroxy. I am COMT++ and when I stopped the methylfolate the neuropathy went away. For a while, when using hydroxy/Folinic in the AM and Adensoyl in the PM my MMA went down to 420 but using the combo of all three in one...
  10. drmullin30

    Two Forms of B12 at Once = No Absorption?

    ...have caused your problem. Without knowing that, my guess is that it was the use of hydroxocobalamin or folinic acid that killed your methylation or caused paradoxical folate and b12 deficiency and caused your MMA to rise. Your high folate and b12 numbers are very strong indicators of...
  11. Hipsman

    Dante Labs are offering €199/$229 whole genome testing again up to 29th

    ...Report - Hemiplegic Migraine Report - Hereditary Cancer Report - Leigh Syndrome Report - Marfan Syndrome Report - Metabolic Report - Methylation Mechanisms Report - Mitochondrial Diseases Report - Multiple Myeloma Report - Nephrology Report - Neurology Report - Ophthalmology Report -...
  12. Learner1

    Ribose: Why might it work for ME/CFS patients

    ...PwME. Tyrosine is used to make dopamine which is needed for motivation and completing tasks. Methionine can be used up and is needed in methylation, on the way to making glutathione. Lysine is helpful in keeping herpes viruses in check. And arginine, citrulline and ornithine are helpful in...
  13. jason30

    Genova ION test - Amino Acids Issue

    How can the GSTM1 enzyme be missing?
  14. R

    Fixing deficiencies and working on root cause

    ...bloods/urine /saliva ect tests should I get for the following 1. Vitamin and mineral analysis (what exactly am I deficoent or high in) 2. Methylation, cofactor and enzymes that affect energy 3. Mitochondria function (would like as many tests as possible here) 4. Levels of toxins or toxic...
  15. frozenborderline

    Epidemiology and Environmental factors in ME/CFS

    ...person with it and many end up dying of suicide after they give up on trying to fix it. Normally they've tried many treatments by that point , and I would not blame methylation theories or antivirals on their death just bc someone tried those, was disappointed in the results, and then gave up.
  16. Learner1

    Supplements and Drugs That Reduce or Prevent PEM (Post-Exertional Malaise)

    ...of Niagen, but some of these claims they make have been disproven. Taking niacin or niacinamide alone can be problematic as they reverse methylation, do one may need significantly more folate, B12, B6 and other methylation nutrients if one takes them. Although, it's wise to be aware of one's...
  17. drmullin30

    Excess acetylcholine & methylation can concentrate even more on the long way around and you might find that DMG works for you. If you find that as you drive the full methylation cycle (through b12, folate and DMG if you use it), your sulfites/sulfates increase, you should also see a concomitant reduction in homocysteine...
  18. C

    Excess acetylcholine & methylation

    ...And if you really don’t have time, I totally understand. In the Pathways book she talks about the “long way” and “short-cut” around the methylation cycle and that the short-cut “generates more norepinephrine relative to dopamine” and that supplementing with DMG helps slow the short-cut in...
  19. C

    Excess acetylcholine & methylation

    ...along, afraid that I might miss something important. I was reading B-12 - The Hidden Story, but then jumped over to THE STAGES OF METHYLATION AND HEALING. That is CRAZY that you can’t get Li without a prescription when it is so readily available, and inexpensive, here in the US. Seems...
  20. J

    7 Day NAD+ Infusions (Severe ME/CFS Recovery, Neurological / Mitochondrial / Genetic Repair) + POLL

    With your success and benefit from NADH injections, have you noticed in a decrease of lactic acid buildup?