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  1. heapsreal

    Self-Experiment: AAS, rHGH, L-Carnitine Injections, T3, mitochondrial Cocktail.

    Creatine may help. Or try dosing sodium bicarb in small amounts. Its very salty so it can be hard to swallow significant doses. Also calciym bicarbonate might be easier to tolerate.
  2. mitoMAN

    Self-Experiment: AAS, rHGH, L-Carnitine Injections, T3, mitochondrial Cocktail.

    Sorry I didnt mean to attack your. Your problems however sound like the core problem of CFS. Mitochondrial Dysfunction. No cure for that has been found so far. Badpack started SS-31 already. Lets hope it helps im. Defective Mitochondria will produce high lactate with the slightest "exercise"...
  3. J

    Self-Experiment: AAS, rHGH, L-Carnitine Injections, T3, mitochondrial Cocktail.

    ...drying my hair, brushing my teeth, putting my clothes on, holding something up to my eyes, etc. (This all started as a side effect from taking methylation support: b12 & folate). Low carnitine and carnitine injections were just one idea I had and wanted to learn more about your experience...
  4. E

    Please help! potassium drop

    @Kadar I posted the following on another thread recently. In the first link in the quote, the member who resolved his problem with sulbutiamine/B1 also found that copper helped. Copper may have some effect on B1/thiamine metabolism. The effects of copper status on thiamine metabolism in...
  5. PatJ

    Please help! potassium drop

    I'm happy to hear you've figured it out. Your discovery has reminded me of another comment I had saved but had forgotten about. I'll post it now in case there is something useful in it for you, or others reading this: And here's one more I found:
  6. S

    Poll: Have You Regretted any Reasonable Experimental Treatments?

    some bacteria and fungus (candida) feed of ketones. Wich means going into ketosis could worsen certain infections
  7. Mary

    Poll: Have You Regretted any Reasonable Experimental Treatments?

    ...2, and if I'm really lucky, 3 "good" days a week. One of the least productive things I did during that time was following richvank's methylation protocol for 3-1/2 years - 2007 - 2010. There was nothing else out there, and I kept reading how it would help me, but each time I took his...
  8. ljimbo423

    Poll: Have You Regretted any Reasonable Experimental Treatments?

    ...lasted for weeks until I learned that increasing my dose by 50-100 mcgs every 2-3 days gave me almost no ill effects at all. Improving methylation has helped me quite a bit and I still take methylation supps every day. If I can think of a treatment I tried and regret I'll come back and add...
  9. dannybex

    Organic Acids Test - false results?

    ...but we ain't the 'vast majority'. We're a tiny minority whose disease happens to be made up of many of the issues (gut, mitochondrial, methylation, etc) that an OAT can at least begin to address. I had one done in September 2018, and as of a month ago, it may have just saved my life. While...
  10. Learner1

    High oxalates , 0 gulthiation

    ...glycine, you can take all the cysteine in the world and not be able to make glutathione because of those shortages. It also helps to have methylation working, and oxalates will deplete B6 which is needed for methylation as well as to get through the CBS pathway to make glutathione. Your...
  11. J

    7 Day NAD+ Infusions (Severe ME/CFS Recovery, Neurological / Mitochondrial / Genetic Repair) + POLL

    Yes. Dr. Lonsdale wrote a great book about thiamine deficiency. Unfortunately, there is no reliable way to test for low thiamine or thiamine deficiency. Serum levels are very reflective of true thiamine status. The test that Dr. Lonsdale used to thiamine deficiency, Erythrocyte Transketolase...
  12. mitoMAN

    7 Day NAD+ Infusions (Severe ME/CFS Recovery, Neurological / Mitochondrial / Genetic Repair) + POLL

    ...lactate buildup mostly comes from mitochondrial dysfunction. However there can be 1000 reasons for the dysfunction. NAD+, Other Methylation Factors, Membrane Potential etc etc etc. -Sidenote: Does anyone of you have high lactate without excercise ? Resting lactate? Mine is only extraordinary...
  13. Drben

    My story, and what has worked for me

    ...issues). I have also been down a path that sounds very similar to a lot of other users here; a brief honeymoon phase when introducing methylation support supplements, followed by a long phase of feeling terrible and spending a long time trying to troubleshoot what happened. I have finally...
  14. YippeeKi YOW !!

    B12 deficiency shown on tongue

    ...you trialing any of the various forms of B-12 and folate? Are they helping you at all? Have you browsed any of Freddd's work on SNPs, methylation issues, B12 etc? It might be helpful... I'll see if I can find a thread link for you, but if I wander off, you can hit 'Search', and Freddd...
  15. bobthebuilder

    How do you break a folate trap?

    ...i answered my own question and what I was telling Junk about earlier in a chat. OAT test should be done before attempting any b12/folate methylation protocol or supplement. Wish i new this about a year ago. https://www.functionalnutritionanswers.com/organic-acid-test/ Seems OAT cover free...
  16. Mary

    POLL: your experiences with Vitamin B3 (also known as niacin, niacinamide, nicotinamide)

    ...up in the middle of the night, and am fine in the morning. However, if I take it during the day, it makes me tired. It does slow down methylation so that may be the source of daytime fatigue from niacin. Though niacinamide supposedly helps with sleep, it did not have the same effect as...
  17. HABS93

    PEM cut in half from veggies and meat

    I've only saw him twice so to be fair he's still getting to know my case. I'm waiting on a bunch of blood work to see what my methylation levels are at (Folate etc..) . I really wish that were true. Smoking weed destroys any energy I have . My heart rate shoes up significantly. The next day I'm...
  18. J

    How do you break a folate trap?

    I found the video! Been looking for a while. But I don't know when/where in the video she says it. She doesn't expand on it and is very short. But it's an answer to an audience question (I think). Timestamp: 35:41-36:31...
  19. BeADocToGoTo1

    Heart beat feeling like it is pounding very hard...feeling and hearing each beat

    ...can be bought in ubiquinol (reduced form) or ubiquinone (oxidized form) versions. Your body can synthesize back and forth but it requires methylation. I stuck with the ubiquinol version. It can be pricy, but LifeExtension often has sales on. And as was already mentioned above, don't forget...
  20. J

    Does a normal 2-hydroxybutyric result mean that methylation is working well?

    From what I know: No, not necessarily. I think it's just a rough measure of under or over methylation. You need to look at all of the methylation metabolites to see what's fully going on.. A Organic Acid's test doesn't tell you much about methylation, but rather metabolism. You need a...