User Manual

User Manual

The User Manual pages describe all the main features of the forums and blogs, including descriptions of known problems you may encounter. If you are having difficulty using the forums, or can't find out how to do something, please look in the User Manual first. If you still can't find the answer, you can post a question in the Technical Support Forum.

Logging in automatically; Posting on a thread; Starting a thread; Getting to know other registered members; Searching the Forums; Subscribing to threads and forums; Changing the presentation of threads; Changing the look of the Forums; Handling Bad Posts.

Account Settings
Manage your Profile Page, Personal Details, Signature, Contact Details, Privacy, Preferences, Alert Preferences, Avatars, Facebook Integration, Password, News Feed, Alerts, Watched Threads, Likes, Content, People you Follow, People you Ignore.

How to Start a Conversation with another member or members; How to Delete a Conversation from your Inbox.

How to Add an Avatar
How to set your Avatar (a picture of yourself that represents you on the forum).

How to Add Pictures or Media Files
Adding pictures or media files to your posts (includes a video tutorial).

How to Edit a Post
Using the Rich Text Editor and the BB Code Editor; Formatting; Fonts; Smilies; Bold, Italics; Underlining and Strikethroughs; Text Alignment; Lists; Indents and Outdents; Web Links; Images and Media; Quotes; Undo and Redo.

How to Start Your Own Blog
Setting up and Starting your own Blog (WebLog); Commenting on other members' Blogs.
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