The Chat Rooms

The Chat Rooms

Using Chat

At the bottom of any forum page, you can see the Envolve chat bar with four tabs.

People Here:

  • When you click on this tab, a list of members logged into the forums and chat appears. A regular member is represented by their avatar and their username appears in green. A Moderator or Administrator is represented by their avatar and their username appears in blue. Guest also appear on this list. Guests appear as black figures and their guest usernames appear in black.
  • Hovering your mouse over a username will give basic information about the user; you can click on view profile to see more about them.
  • You can use the search box at the top of this window to search for a user (only members that are logged into chat will show up).
  • There is a gear icon beside the search box, click on the gear icon or down arrow and you can choose from two options:

  • If you click on Turn Off, the chat tabs will no longer be visible and the icon will be visible at the bottom right-hand side of your browser window. Clicking on this will turn chat On again.
  • Clicking on Sound will turn the chat sound on or off.

General Chat:

  • If you click on the General Chat tab, you will enter a chat room where both guests (not logged into the forums) and registered members can chat. This chat room is public and any person viewing the Phoenix Rising forums can access and use this chat room. Manuscripts of all the chats in this room can be accessed by the Moderators and Administrators of Phoenix Rising.
  • If you want the chat room to appear in a new window, click on the gear icon (at the top of the window) and then click on Popout to New Window.
  • To post a chat message, type your message into the box at the bottom of the chat window, and press the enter button on your computer.
  • If a user is causing problems or being inappropriate, you can click on the flag beside their username (which turns red when you hover your mouse over it)

  • If you click on the flag, a pop-up will appear:

  • If you click on Warn!, the user will be flagged on the Envolve website where Phoenix Rising Moderators and Administrators can review the chat manuscripts and take further action.

Note: Please flag troublesome guests as we can ban these users via their IP addresses. If they are not flagged, there is little we can do.

  • If you find a user particularly annoying and you no longer wish to interact with them, you can choose to Block them. Users participating in the chat room are shown at the top of the chat window below the name of the chat room. If you hover your mouse over their avatar, you can choose the option to Block the user and they will no longer be able to interact with you.

Registered Members:

The Registered Members chat room is for members who are registered with Phoenix Rising. This chat room is not visible to you unless you are logged into the forums. Transcripts from this room are saved and Phoenix Rising Moderators and Administrators have access to them.

This chatroom works the same way as the General Chat room

New Chat:

  • Registered members also have the option of opening up a new chat room by clicking on the New Chattab.
  • A pop-up will appear where you can give your room a title and choose who you want to chat with.

  • Choosing Share with Everyone makes the room visible to everyone and anybody can join in.
  • Choosing Share with No One means that the room will not be visible and only users you invite to join will be able to chat. You invite users by dragging and dropping them from the People Here list into the chat room.
Note: When you see the message This is a Public Chat, this does not mean it is public to users in chat. 'Public' means that transcripts are kept by the owners of the Envolve website for statistical purposes. These transcripts

can be accessed by the moderators and administrators of Phoenix Rising.

  • Users who have created their own chat rooms using the New Chat button have the ability to Boot unruly users from their chat room.
  • Place the mouse over their username and choose Boot.
  • A boot can be lifted simply be dragging and dropping that user back into the chat room.
  • You can also flag and block users within user-created chat rooms.
  • The creator of the chat room also has the ability to clear the history of the chat room that he or she started.

Private Chat Rooms can also be created:

  • Click the chat link next to a username.
  • A pop-up will appear for the user you are inviting which gives them a choice to either accept or ignore the invitation.

  • If you want to invite other users, drag and drop their username into the chat window.

Note: These chats are totally private and Phoenix Rising Moderators and Administrators have no access to the transcripts

Note: Even though the chat transcripts from private chat rooms are not accessible to moderators and administrators, users in the chat room can take screenshots or copy them, so be careful if you are chatting about sensitive issues.
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