Starting a Thread

Starting a Thread

Starting a Thread

To Start a Thread

  • Open up the forum you want to start the thread in
  • Once you are inside the forum, click on the 'Post New Thread' tab

  • That will take you to your 'post' page. A thread is a series of posts
  • Type your post (see How to Edit a Post for more information)
  • You can choose to 'watch thread'. When a member posts on the thread you have started, you will receive an alert if you choose this option.

To Attach a Poll to the thread

When you start a thread, you are also given the option of attaching a poll. This option is underneath the editing box and has the steps required to start and post a poll

  • You can add up to twenty options to your poll
  • You can let members choose more than one option for their answer.
  • You can allow members to change their votes.
  • You can choose the way you want votes to be viewed (note -- it might deter members from voting, if you make their vote public).
  • When you are ready to post your thread, click on 'Post Thread' button.

How to Change Your Own Thread Title

If you post a new thread and notice a spelling error or something else that needs to be edited, you can now do this yourself. You can edit your thread title for up to seven days after you have started a thread.

To Edit a Thread Title:
  • Open the thread you wish to edit.
  • Click on 'Thread Tools'.
  • In the dropdown menu that appears, click on 'Edit Title'.

  • Edit the title and click on 'Save Changes.'
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