Reporting Problems in Chat

Reporting Problems in Chat

How to Report Problems

How To Report a User

To find a Chat Administrator for an immediate issue:

  • Click on the 'People Here' tab in the lower right hand corner of your screen
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the list
  • Chat Admin and Moderator usernames are in blue
  • Click the 'Chat' link located directly to the right of a person's name on the chat list in order to initiate a private chat

If there are no Chat Admins available:

  • If a user is causing problems or being inappropriate, click on the flag beside their name (which turns red when you hover your mouse over it)

  • When you click on the flag, a pop-up will appear that asks 'Do you want to warn this user'

  • If you click on 'Warn', the user will be flagged on the Envolve website where Phoenix Rising moderators and administrators can review the chat transcripts and take further action

Registered members:

  • If you see that a moderator or chat administrator is logged into the forum, start a Conversation to alert them that there is a problem in chat.
  • If no staff member appears to be available, the best option is to create a private chat room and invite everybody to participate in the new room except the user that is causing an issue

Registered Members: When you flag a troublesome user, please always advise the moderators by starting a Conversation with them: this will alert us to the problem much more quickly
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