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Posting 101

Posting 101

Adding a Post to a Thread (without quoting another users post):

•Open the thread you want to post on.
•Look below the last post on the thread and you will see an editing box where you can type your post (see How to Edit a Post for more information)

•To add a Smiley to your post, click on the Smiley icon in the editing options box, then click on the Smiley that you want to add to your post.

•To add an attachment, click on the 'Upload a File' box below the editing box. You can upload pictures directly from your computer as well as documents (see How to Add Pictures or Media Files for more information)
•If you click on 'More Options' you can choose to 'Watch this Thread'. If you choose this option, you will receive an alert if your post is quoted or liked.
•If you want to preview your post before posting, click on 'Preview' (found after clicking 'More Options'.
•Click on 'Post Reply' when you are ready to post.
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