About Phoenix Rising

About Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising provides patients with the illness chronic fatigue syndrome / myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS) information they can use to enhance their health, helping them to find the best doctors, make appropriate treatment choices, build communities, and thrive as a patient group.

Phoenix Rising maintains the largest ME/CFS online community forum on the web, with a huge database of articles and forum posts about ME/CFS. On our forum, members will discuss the latest scientific research on ME/CFS, help answer the questions of newly-diagnosed ME/CFS patients, and the forum provides a source community support and chat for patients.

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Phoenix Rising was created by ME/CFS patient Cort Johnson in 2004. Some of our history is detailed here.

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You can use our contact form, or email us at:

Registered forum members can contact PR staff by starting a private conversation with one of the moderators.

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