How to Use the +Multiquote Feature

Apr 6, 2017
How to Use the +Multiquote Feature
  • The '+Multiquote' feature allows you to quote multiple posts in one thread or across different threads.

    How To Quote Multiple Posts from One Thread

    How To Quote Entire Posts

    Note: the quotes will appear in the order you '+Multiquote' them

    • Locate the post you wish to quote
    • Click on '+Multiquote'
    • A pop-up will appear saying 'Message Added to Multiquote'
    • Continue until you have finished quoting
    • Click on 'Insert Quotes'
    • A pop-up containing all the posts you have quoted will appear
    • Remove any quotes you no longer want and click on 'Quote These Messages'
    • Finish writing your post and click on 'Post Reply'
    How To Quote Partial Posts

    If a post is very long and you only want to quote part of it, you can:

    • Highlight the portion you want to quote
    • A pop-up will appear, click on +Multiquote
    • Follow instructions above for inserting quotes into the post you are creating
    How To Quote Posts from Multiple Threads
    • Go to the thread you want to get a quote from
    • Click on '+Multiquote'
    • Go back to the thread you are posting on
    • Click on 'Insert Quotes' and a pop-up will appear with quotes from the different threads
    • Click on 'Quote These Messages'
    • Finish your post and click on 'Post Reply'

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