May 28, 2012
  • Conversations

    What used to be 'Private Messages or PMs' are now called 'Conversations'.

    The 'Start a Conversation' option can be found in four locations:

    • In your user settings after clicking on 'Personal Details' (note: user settings can be found by clicking on your username found on the user tabs, top right-hand side of page)
    • Click on the 'Start a Conversation' tab found on left-hand side of the page

    Conversation personal details.png

    • In your inbox - found beside your username on the user tabs

    Conversations inbox.png

    • By clicking on another member's avatar, a pop-up will appear and the option to start a conversation will appear

    Conversations pop up.png

    • By clicking on the 'Information' tab that is found in a member's 'Profile Page' and
    • Clicking on 'Start Conversation' at the bottom of the page​

    conversation bottom of information page.png

    To HAVE a Conversation

    • Click on 'Start a Conversation' and a pop-up will appear

    start a conversation pop up.png

    • Add the names of the participants you wish to invite separated by a comma
    • Add a title for your conversation
    • Add your message
    • You can upload a file if you wish
    • Click on 'Preview' to see how your message will look
    • You can also choose from two options before you send your message: Allow anyone in the conversation to invite others or Lock conversation (no responses will be allowed)
    • Send your message by clicking the 'Start a Conversation' button
    • When you Start the conversation, the members you have included to participate in the conversation will be sent alerts advising them to come and join in. Your conversation will end up looking just like a thread in your inbox except only you and your invitees can see it

    To LEAVE a conversation:

    • Click on 'Leave Conversation' (top right-hand side of message)

    leave conversation.png

    • Choose one option from 'future message handling' pop-up. Choose 'Accept Future Messages' if you want to see any further responses to the conversation. When a member included in the conversation replies, the conversation will be restored to your inbox. Choose 'Ignore Future Messages' if you no longer wish to participate in the conversation. You will not be notified of any future responses and the conversation will remain deleted

    leave conversation options.png

    • Click on 'Leave Conversation'.

    Note: You can not mass delete conversations, you can only 'leave conversations' one-at-a-time.

    Note: There is no function within 'Conversations' to have conversations via email.

    Note: Administrators and Moderators can not view conversations unless they are invited to participate.
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