8. Forum Presentation

Jun 10, 2012
8. Forum Presentation

    Changing How Threads are Presented

    • There are several ways that discussions can appear
    • Click on 'Thread Display Options' (found at the bottom of the page in a forum) to choose different thread styles.

      You will see:

      Thread display options.png
      • There are different options you can choose from:

      Thread display options 1.png


      Thread display options 2.png

      • For forums that have thread prefixes, you can also choose thread prefixes
      • Choose the options you want
      • Click on 'Set Options'

      Changing the Look or 'Style' of the Forums
      • Click on the 'Style Chooser' box in the very bottom left-hand corner of the main forum page to find a style you like best.

      style chooser.png
      • Click on any style and the appearance of the forum will change
      • If you do not like the style
      • Click on the 'Style Chooser' and choose a new one
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