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Zinc transporter on Promethease APP

Discussion in 'Genetic Testing and SNPs' started by aquariusgirl, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. aquariusgirl

    aquariusgirl Senior Member

    Hi, the updated version of Promethease has flagged a zinc transporter for me. Says it's associated with diabetes. Wondering if others have seen this? I am C/C for this Snp.

    rs13266634 is a SNP in the zinc transporter protein member 8 SLC30A8 gene that has primarily been associated with type-2 diabetes in several studies. This SNP is also known as the Arg325Trp or R325W variant; the (C) allele encodes the arginine (R), and the (T) allele encodes the tryptophan (W)
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  2. Ravn

    Ravn Senior Member

    Do any of the more science-literate members know the importance (or otherwise) of this?
  3. alicec

    alicec Senior Member

    C/C is the wildtype or ancestral allele and the most common with a frequency of about 0.715.

    In other words that variant is protective so the normal allele becomes "risk".

    Since the protein is a zinc transporter it suggests that the variant may do a better job of getting zinc where it is needed.

    Here is a paper which suggests that the T2D risk may be reduced by high zinc intake and high zinc to iron intake.
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