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You (and anyone else you want to invite) is invited to my virtual #MillionsMissing Day of Change.

Discussion in 'Upcoming ME/CFS Events' started by dmhshop, Apr 8, 2018.

  1. dmhshop


    What we need is if you are:

    * a person with CFS/ME
    please consider taking a photo of yourself or your shoes with one of the posters ( or with your own sign/note (can be handwritten).

    Some ideas of things to include in your sign/note:
    – A message directed at the target of your country’s protest (in the U.S., that would be NIH director, Francis Collins);
    – Your location – #CanYouSeeMEnow in San Diego, CA;
    – Our hashtags – #CanYouSeeMEnow, #MECFS and #MillionsMissing
    * a family member or a friend of someone with CFS - hold up a note letting people know how you miss them. We miss you - we miss being with you, talking to you, being a part of the family.

    AND then post the photo on my event - you don't need to go anywhere :)
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  2. dmhshop


    Great news! The Open Medicine Foundation is co-sponsoring this #MillionsMissing Day of Action with me! The mission of the Open Medicine Foundation is to:

    * Invest in accelerating collaborative medical research to find effective treatments and diagnostic markers for ME/CFS and related chronic complex diseases.

    * Keep the community informed by disseminating information on current research projects and results

    * Bring together thought leaders from around the world to brainstorm and set up targeted initiatives to tackle difficult-to-treat diseases

    * Encourage and engage the patient community to take an active role in their own healthcare
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