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I should note at the outset that this review is based on an audio version of the galleys and the epilogue from the finished work. Julie Rehmeyer sent me the final version as a PDF, but for some reason my text to voice software (Kurzweil) had issues with it. I understand that it is...
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XMRV + by culture and negative by serology

Discussion in 'XMRV Testing, Treatment and Transmission' started by serg1942, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. acer2000

    acer2000 Senior Member

    Is he really reporting that he is finding it in stomach biopsies? If so, do you have a link?

    I heard a report that he might look there (which makes total sense given the monkey studies), but I hadn't heard that he started doing it, or that he had report at a conference or paper that he found it and how.
  2. X-Man

    X-Man X(MRV) Man to the rescue

    Midwest, USA

    No I am not sure! Your explanation is equally plausible. VIPDx gives both explainations on their website: . Here are direct quotes from them: "Certain immune dysfunctions may cause your immune system not to develop an antibody response to XMRV." and "Although we strive to offer the most sensitive test available, XMRV can be present at a very low copy number and may be below the limit of detection at the time your sample was tested."

    So as you can see that sometimes people don't produce antibodies to XMRV. Also these tests are first or second generation and may not be sensitive enough to detect XMRV or antibodies to XMRV in everyone at this time.
  3. Sushi

    Sushi Moderation Resource Albuquerque

    I have been reading about it in the Dutch CFS forum where many of his patients post. Also, he mentioned this to a patient on this forum.

    He hasn't published yet, but says he will soon.

  4. Deatheye

    Deatheye Senior Member

    According to the newest report form the mikovits talk, if I get it right, the most ill people don't have antibodys. There immun system seems not to be able anymore to produce antibodys against xmrv (personally I guess not only xmrv...?).
    This would mean negativ by serology and positiv by culture, right?
  5. anncavan

    anncavan Senior Member

    San Francisco, CA
    I am also serology negative, culture positive.

    Per Deatheye, Dr. Mikovits did mention the most ill people don't create antibodies. I have also read that people on antivirals can cause a negative serology. I can't remember where I read it, but I do remember thinking at the time I ordered the test (before I understood all of this a little better) that I better test for culture too since my antivirals might give me a negative serology.

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