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World Wide Lyme protests 11th May

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease and Co-Infections' started by GcMAF Australia, May 4, 2013.

  1. GcMAF Australia

    GcMAF Australia Senior Member

    I am supposed to be writing for Mark on my Lyme conference outing.
    & other activism
    Sorry Mark
    But In Australia hundreds are working on this programme a world wide Lyme protest.
    Next saturday
    There are events being held in capital cites in australia
    also other cities. Many land marks are being lit GREEN and people will be in the streets.

    This is have a remarkable positive emotional impact on Lyme sufferers. Every day there are reports of Lyme sufferers meeting people with the symptoms of Lyme, and getting listened to.
    The whole thing is mushrooming.
    This is bound to help all sufferers of ME/CFS etc
    • Around 40 australians are being diagnosed with Lyme every month.
    • A high level government committee has been set up
    • 2 legal actions are being undertaken

    • The Huffington Post has confirmed its' story on Lyme Disease in Australia will go live this week :)
    • Negotiations are underway with CNN to get live coverage
    • Negotiations are underway with the BBC to get live coverage
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  2. GcMAF Australia

    GcMAF Australia Senior Member

    may get bill though fed parlialment for Lyme
    Craig Thomson Federal MP
    His email reads
    Hi Ivan,

    What can I do to help? Private members bill and if so what would I be seeking.


  3. GcMAF Australia

    GcMAF Australia Senior Member

    Here is a list to put in Santa's stocking any ideas
    1. Discrimination against Lyme sufferers should be illegal
    2. Person presenting with documentation indicating that they could be Lyme positive should be treated accordingly.
    3. Medicare cover of tests and treatment
    4 Extra tests like 1,25 vitamin D
    4. Funds for research
    5. Serious examination that people may be given misdiagnosis eg MS Autism etc etc
    5. (Redress of past wrongs) or at least help people get back on their feet
    6. Some people are having medicines held up at customs.
    7 Awareness
    8 home care nurses for patients that are stuck at home
    9 Crisis funding for urgent cases
    10 case workers
    11 maybe parliamentary enquiry
    12 Royal Commission
    13 Official letter for Lyme to take to doctor
  4. GcMAF Australia

    GcMAF Australia Senior Member

    A bit of information can be found on this event site>
    people in New Zealand are getting Lyme from Australia
    1. Ruby's Story featured Dominion post newspaper .(National paper)last Wednesday.
    2. Maureens story today in Nz
    The Huffington Post is being handled by another person in our grass roots group.- a Lyme sufferer who is also struggling.
    and a local story just in.
    :- the horror stories are the same all over Australia and we may be talking about 200,000 people affected.

    I Melbourne Doctor has 60 Lyme patients.
    Another has 50 to 100, and could be up to 100
    Perth doctor has "200".
    They have received no assistance.

    Patients are so sick they say that they would rather have cancer or Aids
    Basically they are abused by the medical system and social welfare.
    Many have been undiagnosed for 20 to 30 years and have become financially crippled.
    They have to save up day by day to try and get tests.

    I know of some children affected. From this sample it seems that Lyme disease is a factor in Autism.
    Victorian Children and their diagnosis: the names have been deleted for privacy reasons.
    XXXXXXXXX (XXXXXXXXX’s son) - Diagnosed Autism, Undiagnosed Lyme (he would have been infected inutero from XXXXXXXXX)
    XXXXXXXXX (XXXXXXXXX 's Husband) - Undiagnosed Aspergers, Undiagnosed Lyme (has both according to XXXXXXXXX)
    XXXXXXXXX (y son) - Diagnosed Aspergers, Diagnosed Lyme
    XXXXXXXXX (y husband) - Diagnosed Lyme and MS, Undiagnosed Aspergers (Psychologist said he has Aspergers but masks it in official test)
    XXXXXXXXX - Diagnosed Apsergers, Undiagnosed Lyme (but has it as does his Mother)
    XXXXXXXXX - Diagnosed Aspergers, Undiagnosed Lyme (but has it as does his Mother)
    XXXXXXXXX - Diagnosed Lyme, Undiagnosed Aspergers (but has it)
    Z also have friends with children who with Lyme and diagnosed Aspergers.

    We are trying to get the opera house lit up green.
    This situation is so terrible it needs urgent attention
    I know The chief Australian medical scientist has set up a committee, but he will not report until December.
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  5. GcMAF Australia

    GcMAF Australia Senior Member

    Ha ha stole this from Mark Rostoks
    You can get it hikin'
    You can get it bikin'
    You can get it cookin' a toast
    But a serious neurological condition needs a big scary name
    And the big scary name is LYME… Lyme Disease… !!
    You can get it rootin'
    You can get it shootin'
    You can get it from any old tick
    Matter o' fact, have you got it now

    This is a take off of a local TV Advertisement
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