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White coated tongue

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by taroopher, May 5, 2017.

  1. taroopher


    I talked to many friend of mine and they all complain about white coated tongue and CFS.
    Does anyone have white coated tongue?
    Do you know how to fix that?
    From what I studied, it can be:
    Geographic Tongue
    Liver not working well
    Vitamin deficiencies
    Too much acidity
    Histamine Intolerance and other allergies

    I even bought the book Health tongue secrets, that said to take multi vitamins, nystatin, antibiotics etc. Nothing really worked.

    I read in curezone that people got rid of that by doing liver flushes aswell

    I don't know how to cure the situation, but I know that it works for one day brushing with salt or glycerin. But I want it to stop forming, you know?

    I wanted to know if you guys have it and how do you manage it or any useful information.
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  2. undiagnosed

    undiagnosed Senior Member

    United States
    We had some discussion on the subject in this thread not too long ago.
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