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when a juice fast has positive effects

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by mike1127, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. mike1127


    I get many positive effects from a juice fast. A great reduction in anxiety, improvement in mood. My facial skin looks better. More energy and less muscle pain.

    Normally I live with a lot of gut pain that has been diagnosed as IBS but really that was just my doctor's guess. But the gut pain mostly goes away on a juice fast.

    I can't sustain the positive effects, however, when I return to solid food. I have tried an allergy elimination diet, eating pretty much nothing but rice and vegetables, and I don't get much improvement--not compared to the dramatic improvement on a juice fast.

    I am wondering if anyone has ideas about the underlying cause of the effects of a juice fast. What can I investigate? What can I check? Is there a way to eat solid food but sustain the good effects?

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  2. Lillybelle

    Lillybelle Senior Member

    Hi Mike, Good on you! Good on you for trying and succeeding. Changing human behaviour is by far the biggest obstacle we have to face and with cfs you have to learn to do thing differently.

    I juice most days but don't fast so to speak. I think the jury is out as to whether juice/veg fasts are good on their own. However, their is much evidence to suggest that consuming raw fruit and veggie's on a daily basis is not only good for us when we are sick but imperative for god health.

    1. Hungry for Change both a movie and website shows the benefits of juice fasting and incorporating vegan based juicing into our every day diets. Its an awesome watch/read

    2.An American Doctor, Dr Wahls with Secondary Stage MS has been able to reverse her disease by changing her diet. She callls it Paleo, but I would call it primarily vegetarian/vegan with a small amount of organic meat.
    The basic is premise is 9 cups of fruit and veggies a day. When I watched this it reinforced my belief about the need for MORE more more fruit and veggies, as many raw as you can cope with.

    If you juice for 1 or 2 meals a day you can easily reach this amount.

    Dr Wahls, TEDX presentation how she cured herself from secondary multiple sclerosis.

    3. Recipe for MY combined YUMMY veggie/fruit juice: this is my every day stable,

    1.Beetroot- half a cup- cup raw
    2. Carrot - 1-2
    3. Celery stick- 1 large
    4.1 Apple - (2 if small)
    5. 1 Orange
    6. Ginger - 2 teaspoons
    7. Lemon half
    8. Broccoli stem- bit of the bottom of broccoli (thats where all the vitamins are)
    9. Handful of spinach or 1/4 cucumber
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  3. ukxmrv

    ukxmrv Senior Member

    A juice fast makes me violently sick (vomiting) and causes fainting and extreme weakness for me. It had no positive effects and like other fasts and liquid diets I have tried really knocks my health for months.

    I wonder if it is all the dense nutrients that your stomach likes and can digest better than solids? Also could it be the lack of fibre?

    what juices do you use Mike?
  4. Seewell

    Seewell Senior Member

    I tryed this(some years ago now)felt good for a short time.But no great improvement.
    Enjoyed doing it though.I dont have my juicer anymore,wish i did.
    Couple of Carrots with a thumb sized piece of ginger was my favourite.Yum

    I drink a level tsp of wheatgrass powder in water every day still,after meals.Seems to help me.

    I guess you have tryed eating small amounts of solid food.
    Little but often ?
    I find vegetable soup a nice light meal.

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