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What if methlyation issues actually started in the stomach?

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by Bluelude1, Aug 18, 2016.

  1. Bluelude1


    So like most people with issues such as CFS or similar
    • I've tried a ton of different protocols (including the Freddd protocol)
    • Have an embarrassing amount of supplements & vitamins I have taken over the years
    • Tested for all kinds of crazy things
    • Have a "special" opinion of most doctors
    • Added and/or subtracted countless things from my diet
    • Tried high dosing
    • and best yet ... felt the need to just give it all a bit more time
    And while I certainly felt better then when I was completely ignorant, never quite achieved that "robust" recovery I was always looking for.

    But what if the issue was never about the need for some "special" combination of supplements, but actually an issue absorbing what you were supposed to be absorbing?

    B6, B12, Folate, Iron and minerals all require acid to be absorbed. The same parietal cells that produce stomach acid produce the intrinsic factor (binding compound) that binds to B12 in the stomach and then reabsorbs it in the ilium.

    I've read 50% of the population has the bacteria H. Pylori and 80% of those don't exhibit any notable symptoms. So that would mean 40% of the population is walking around with an infection that cork screws into the stomach lining and then excretes ammonia to neutralize stomach acid pH levels to allow itself to thrive.

    Even if you don't have H. Pylori you can still have low stomach acid from stress, poor diet, aging, etc. Or maybe your one of those people that was started on a PPI like (Prilosec, Nexium or similiar) because of what you thought were excess acid issues, its almost always too low of acid in reality, and can't stop without acid issues returning. Either way no matter how you arrive at the issue inadequate acid levels = B6, B12, Folate, Iron and mineral absorption problems.

    From there adequate stomach acid is required to trigger bile and pancreatic enzyme release, which in turn break down fats, carbs and finish breaking down proteins into the most absorbable forms. Without adequate bile your cholesterol levels aren't managed properly, T4 -> T3 conversion is impaired, fats aren't absorbed properly leading to things like dry skin, hair and poor nails and the body's ability to detox is impaired.

    I don't know for sure yet, but what if ....
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  2. Paralee

    Paralee Senior Member

    @Bluelude1 , lots of good points, I think, because I've thought the same things. I have malabsorption issues. I've read that our serotonin and histamine is mostly in our digestive system and can cause havoc out of order.

    Also just not enough of the correct hormones, etc., if we're low can take us on wild and unexotic trips.

    Sorry, not thinking too well today.,,
  3. lnester7

    lnester7 Seven

    well lets say your b12 comes from meat and you don't have good digestion or enzymes to digest properly you would not extract properly, not counting absorption issues./...... That is why is best shots or subilingual.

    But you could have mutations and not convert.....

    I looked malnutrition and I was battling un-diagnosed colitis for 2 years. I looked bad even supplementing.
  4. Paralee

    Paralee Senior Member

    Right, it takes several different nutrients and "trips" to get the finished product to its destination and then they have to hope the right doors are open.

    Per my genetics I don't have B12 receptors but it's at least in my storage, but then another report says with my genes I slurp them up just fine. Then try and find a dr. That will run an RBC, or whatever might show a decent correct level. But then the ranges are pretty much laughable, oops, getting on a rant.

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