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What do people know about this Research Trial (on drug Mirogabalin) 5/15/15 Boston Clinical Trials

Discussion in 'Active Clinical Studies' started by *GG*, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. *GG*

    *GG* senior member

    Concord, NH
    What do people know about this drug?

    What’s So Promising About Mirogabalin? Clinical comments on our new Fibromyalgia study

    Living with Fibromyalgia pain is difficult. Fortunately, these days we have a better insight into what causes he pain and several medications are available to treat its symptoms.

    The first medication approved by FDA to treat fibromyalgia was pregabalin (Lyrica®); the second was duloxetine (Cymbalta®); and the third was milnacipran (Savella®). Of the three, pregabalin (Lyrica®) is prescribed most commonly. Unfortunately, it is rather expensive and some people experience undesirable side effects, including sleepiness and dizziness, which occur, according to Lyrica’s web site (, in about 30% of patients. This is why it is so encouraging to know that new medications are currently in development.

    One of these promising medications is mirogabalin, a compound being developed by Daiichi Sankyo. The compound acts similarly to pregabalin in providing analgesic effects, but is believed to be more precise in targeting, thus generating fewer side effects. It is also expected to have a longer half-life, which may possibly allow it to be taken less frequently, perhaps only once or twice daily. Results from a Phase 2 pilot 5-week study which tested mirogabalin against pregabalin and placebo indicated encouraging results (Annals of Long-Term Care and Medscape).

    Yet in order to prove mirogabalin efficacy and safety, a broader testing is required. In 2015, Daiichi Sankyo launched a Phase 3 trial. The trial conducted under the supervision of FDA and is specifically intended to find out whether mirogbalin (compound DS 5565) will be well tolerated and whether it will be better than placebo and/or pregabalin in managing fibromyalgia pain.

    We, at Boston Clinical Trials, are excited to be a part of this new study. If you’d like to learn more about this study, which offers free study-related care, free medications, and compensation to participants, please call us at (617) 477-4868 or visit us online
  2. Bob


    England (south coast)
  3. Bead Dog

    Bead Dog

    I know that they won't accept you into the study if you use medical marijuana, even if it is prescribed and legal in your state. The local research facility here said it was because it is a world wide study. I wonder what they do if you are on other prescription medications? They just balked when I asked them that question. It was a total waste of my time and energy. I have not had an actual diagnosis of fibromyalgia, CFS, or MS. All three are real possibilities for me. I wanted to try to get into the trial to rule fibromyalgia in or out. I thought that their "expert" might be able to help me out in that area.
  4. SOC

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    A research study is not a place to get a diagnosis ruled in or out. That is the job of your GP. Researchers want people who are already diagnosed with the illness in order to study the intervention. The fact that you do not yet have a diagnosis is probably a big reason they weren't interested in you as a participant.
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  5. IntelligentImpulse


    Interesting, Lyrica/pregabalin managed to help me a bit with my pain but the side effect of dizziness coupled with brain fog made it too hard to continue using. Similar to solving one piece of the puzzle only to have another removed, I suppose.

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