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What causes the muscular pain

Discussion in 'Pain and Inflammation' started by newguy, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. newguy



    I usually have 3 different sorts of pain. The most common one is an annoying itching and aching feeling in the knees. It doesnt take much for the that to happen and it usually last a long time. The rarest is some sort of "heavy aching" behind the Eyes. Then I get a lot of aching (sometimes stabbing) pain in the back and sometimes in the ribs, muscular and inflammation according to the doctor.

    I have been searching for anything that explains how and why the muscular pain and inflammations. Everyone around me keeps saying its that I am untrained and rest too much and that has probably some truth. I understand it is a major issue with lots of different things interacting with each other, but I would like to be able to explain how and why there is this pain. I have been looking around on the internet, but havent been able to find much (poor google skills maybe). I would be really thankful if anyone could Point me in a direction. Sorry if its a bit unstructed but today is not a good day and English is not my native language.
  2. rosamary

    rosamary Senior Member

    Your doctor should elaborate i.e. tell you what is causing the inflammation.
  3. PennyIA

    PennyIA Senior Member

    I know that my pain is of the following (and for me what I've learned about handling/treating - which may mean cause... not that any doctor has been of much help). Not sure any of it will help you... but maybe.

    - Whole body aches - even though I sleep really, really well for someone with me/cfs... I apparently sleep at *high alert* ?? or in a stressed state?. My doctor prescribed a muscle relaxant for me for a totally different reason, but it really did cut the whole body pain.... and if I run out and/or forget to take my muscle relaxer at night it comes right back within a day or two.

    - calf aches which can become severe enough to be muscle cramps - Epsom salt baths backs this off ... 20 minutes soaking in magnesium and the pain is gone for approx. 48 hours (unless I eat gluten... it comes straight back if I cheat on my gluten free diet). I think that I'm magnesium deficient, however, I can't find any magnesium supplements that I can tolerate yet. The baths are boring as I'm not a bath person... but it does help.

    - stabbing pains in various parts of the body - including the ribs, back... I have trouble with dislocating ribs and slightly off-set spot in my shoulder (technically not dislocated... but 'popping' it back into place helps)... some of this is why I think I might have undiagnosed EDS... some of it may be called Costochondritis - which is common in people with fibromyalgia and suspected to be common in me/cfs as well (although it's not like we've had the biophysical testing we need for this condition)

    - burning sensation in my muscles... I'm thinking this may be related to build up of lactic acid? It's quite similar to the burning muscles you would feel when you are doing that 'one more repetition' in body building or in exercising or the 'burn' that marathon runners hit when they are at that anaerobic threshold. Given some of the studies (2 day exercise trial, etc)... it seems like being pushed into anaerobic threshold might be part of the story behind me/cfs. The only thing that seems to help is to lay down more and take it easy. I've tried googling treatment for it, but it seems like with normal people they don't need to treat it - they just need to stop exercising the muscles that are burning. Wish there were some options.

    - toe/knee pain - gout - sharp pains that left untreated is almost unbearable, can cause swelling - tart cherry supplements (best thing on the planet) - I try to limit my diet around purines, but if I mess up and have a spell, I can usually stop it in it's tracks within 30 minutes by taking a handful. Still trying to sort out if I should take it as a preventative, but it's kind of like playing chicken... if I take one or two a day for several weeks do you then eat the very thing that you know darn well will induce severe pain? in the hopes that it won't? Yeah... my courage isn't quite there.

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