International ME/CFS and FM Awareness Day Is On May 12, 2018
Thomas Hennessy, Jr., selected May 12th to be our international awareness day back in 1992. He knew that May 12th had also been the birthday of Florence Nightingale. She was the English army nurse who helped to found the Red Cross as well as the first school of nursing in the world.
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Well, fluff a duck, look what Mikey, Trude and Pete spent the PACE £5 million on

Discussion in 'Action Alerts and Advocacy' started by Countrygirl, Feb 18, 2018.

  1. Countrygirl

    Countrygirl Senior Member


    (To answer a quation below, if my memory unually serves me correctly, the DWP gave one million pounds of tax payers money to the PACE gravy train. )

    Dr Keith Geraghty‏@keithgeraghty
    More revelations on PACE trial, where did that £5million go; well £1800 went on christmas cards and £3773 went on laserjet printers (did the researchers not have access to printing). £13,000 on 11 Dell computers

    5:12 AM - 16 Feb 201

      1. [​IMG]Tymes Trust‏@tymestrust 18h18 hours ago
        Replying to @keithgeraghty
        Good God how many printers did they buy? You can get superb laser printers very economically.

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      2. [​IMG]Jane Skeates‏@EJS1958 Feb 1
        Replying to @keithgeraghty
        So if there were ~650 patients, that’s £2.76 each. Must have been really nice cards.

      3. [​IMG]James Foulger‏@jifoulger Feb 16
        Only 225 cards in the years that did not include a Christmas so the cards were not going to participants and that raises who were receiving them question.

      4. [​IMG]Sally Burch‏@KeelaToo Feb 17
        It says also Birthday cards, so maybe 2 for each participant?

      5. [​IMG]James Foulger‏@jifoulger 24h24 hours ago
        225, 450, 450, 450, 250 £1,800 Recruited 641 eligible patients into four trial arms of 160 = difficulty in who received cards.

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      2. [​IMG]British PM Kevin Pork‏@augustine_ryan Feb 16
        Replying to @keithgeraghty
        Out of £5m, how much of that was DWP money?

      3. [​IMG]Amanda Yeardsley‏@AmandaYeardsley Feb 16
        £5m was the amount of the DWP funding, I believe.

      4. British PM Kevin Pork‏@augustine_ryan Feb 16
        Thanks. So (to be awkward!) the £5m quoted: 1) the cost of the trial was, in total, £5m, yes? 2) ALL of that sum came from the DWP? I'm sure some of this has been gone through before but my memory is not good.

      5. Amanda Yeardsley‏@AmandaYeardsley Feb 16
        Sorry, I’m mistaken. According to MEpedia, the total cost was £5m, funded by the Medical Research Council, Department of Health and DWP. Keith may be able to provide more info.

      6. British PM Kevin Pork‏@augustine_ryan Feb 1
        Yes, I'm particularly interested in the breakdown of the £5m. Hopefully there will be an answer forthcoming.

      7. British PM Kevin Pork‏@augustine_ryan Feb 16
        And given that the DoH and the DWP both funded, it would be interesting to find out how much they cooperated, (also) given that they were once the same department (30 years ago) but, arguably, may want the same outcome from the trial [​IMG]

      8. [​IMG]British PM Kevin Pork‏@augustine_ryan Feb 16
        Defining 'cooperated' in this context may be somewhat intangible but the fact that TWO government departments (which overlap slightly) funded this sets off alarm bells, at the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist.

      9. [​IMG]Amanda Yeardsley‏@AmandaYeardsley Feb 16
        This is one conspiracy theory that I think has legs.

      1. [​IMG]Sally Burch‏@KeelaToo Feb 16
        Replying to @keithgeraghty
        What did the Christmas cards contain I wonder? Encouragement that the therapies were performing well perhaps?

      1. [​IMG]Chris Evans‏@Onlyfluffyone Feb 16
        Replying to @keithgeraghty
        Amazing what information you can get... But the DWP waste lots of money on ridiculous cost cutting exercises...

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      1. [​IMG]Edwin Thwaites‏@EdwinThwaites Feb 16
        Replying to @keithgeraghty
        The first task with a research grant is to buy the team a new laptop each.

      1. [​IMG]Marilyn Gavranovic‏@marilyn_ge Feb 16
        Replying to @keithgeraghty
        Great you r following the $

      1. [​IMG]Janet‏@JanetEastham Feb 16
        Replying to @keithgeraghty
        This is amazing. Who FOId this?

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      1. [​IMG]Neil‏@talkingtomcat2 Feb 16
        Replying to @keithgeraghty
        and I'm still very tired. Bugger!

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      1. [​IMG]Tina Rodwell‏@TinaRodwell1 Feb 16
        Replying to @keithgeraghty @jcharlesworthza
        You are kidding me well Fluff a Duck they were really serious about their research

      1. [​IMG]Jennifer Mcdonald‏@claracluckpwme 11h11 hours ago
        Replying to @keithgeraghty
        That’s disgusting

      1. [​IMG]Pixie of Mookingham ✨‏@mookpixie Feb 17
        Replying to @keithgeraghty
        This is a disgrace!

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  2. Wonko

    Wonko Senior Member

    The other side.
    Don't most years include a christmas? Okay that's a slight over simplification, most of the last 4.6 billion years haven't included a christmas, but most of those in the last 100 have, and PACE took place in the last 100 years, so......which years that didn't include a christmas are they talking about?
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  3. Andrew

    Andrew Senior Member

    Los Angeles, USA
    Graded Christmas Card Therapy (GCCT)
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  4. knackers323

    knackers323 Senior Member

    What dates did pace start and end? Maybe in those years it was after and before card sending season

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