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Weird reactions to MB12 as well as B-Complex—is methylation not for me?

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by frchli, Sep 22, 2015.

  1. frchli

    frchli Cutaneous mastocytosis, IBS, Intolerances, MCS,...

    Hello everyone,

    despite being very puzzled about my seemingly contradictory results/symptoms (as you can see here http://forums.phoenixrising.me/inde...sults-vs-systemic-response.39156/#post-627200 ), I have been trying to get my head around methylation.

    @Freddd ! You have been so helpful and kind to me and many others—you're a star! :) ). I have bought my own supplements of mb12 and b-complex and alcar l-carnitine (plus methylfolate is due to arrive tomorrow, adenob12 in mid-october due to it being shipped to Germany from the states).

    However, each time I have been on Pure Encapsulations B-Complex in the past (even before researching methylation and when taking tiny amounts of it), I have had severe symptoms such as

    -nervousness, rapid thoughts, restlessness
    -extremely strong urge to move
    -runny, stuffy nose
    -ravenous, bottomless appetite
    -difficulty focussing
    -severe mast cell instability
    -lump in throat

    =>ADHD-like behaviour/symptoms would sum it up quite well... I had more energy but it wasn't fun: I felt extremely restless and not like myself/in control at all so I stopped again, which let the symptoms reside after a day or 2.

    When I recently took small amounts (200 µg once per day) of sublingual Methylb12 drops, similar symptoms arose:

    -major sinusitis/nasal congestion with bloody mucus coming out each day for a week while I was on it (I used to ALWAYS have sinusitis/colds/congestion/mid ear infections basically from the day I was born. However, this stopped when I went on a SCD/paleo etc. diet when my health crashed almost 3 years ago: I haven't had ANY issues since apart from when eating things I cannot tolerate, dairy for example)
    -temporarily watery, runny nose (NEVER happens usually, hayfever-like); sneezing {@whodathunkit, @silverseas2014 and @Star-Anise, I read in a thread that you experienced this beforehand…}
    -feeling feverish without having raised temperature
    -feeling like I have the flu
    -gastritis/upper gastric pain reoccurred (which I had for 2 years constantly but stopped for good after I went vegan in May)
    -pallor/edema, especially in the face
    -increased reaction to odours/chemicals; generally increased immune reaction
    -ravenous appetite
    -more energy but anxious/not in a pleasant way
    -lump in throat

    =>increased immune/mast cell response

    After stopping MB12, however, I had few days where the above symptoms had subsided but I felt better and more energetic/like myself/stable than in AGES.

    So the notion I get from this is that while it is intolerable for me to be ON methylb12/B complex due to my mast cells going crazy, I do somehow benefit/my body is taking something it is lacking from it.

    A very short summary of my health issues (the link posted upfront shows blood results, 23andme results, stool results etc.):

    -cutaneous mastocytosis/mast cell activation
    -extreme dysbiosis (mainly just clostridium spp./no lacto,bifido etc. there)/IBS/inflammation
    -severe food intolerances (on low sulfur/protein/histamine/fructose, mainly just vege and oils diet)
    -liver issues (turn yellow/edema [both comes and goes] and liver transaminases tend to be increased; feel massively hungover whenever any gas production in the large intestine is involved=>so weak that I just pass out constantly on these days while I am fine on non-bloated days)
    -multiple chemical sensitivities
    -**CBS A360A (+/+)**, **MTR A2756G (+/+)**
    - low leucocytes 3.55- [3.98-10.04bc/nl]; high MCV 105.6+ [79.4-94.8 fl]; high Serotonin 264+ [40-200 µg/l]
    - Methylmalonic acid 158++(pathologically high) [9-32 µg/l] i.e. 1340 nmol/L [<243 nmol/L] {indicating manifested B12 deficiency} BUT Active-B12 (Holotranscobalamin) >128+ (ALSO path. high) [0-50 pmol/l] [-{this would normally be low for low B12}
    - blood folic acid above measurable;
    - elevated basophils and eosinophils;
    - history of SIBO, years of chronic gastritis, IBS

    I have read that people with mast cell/histamine issues should avoid B12/Folate. However, I definitely have liver issues and would like to fix them/think that my strong reaction to the supplements is trying to tell me something/have read that e.g. Rich suggested that mast cell issues are in fact just hidden methylation issues... So I am way confused!

    I feel slightly discouraged and would love some advice to make the experience more tolerable... @ahmo, for example, as I have read in your history that you are doing well on Fred's protocol and being careful but the fact that you say
    makes me think that there may exist a particular order for those that are extra careful/sensitive?

    Can anyone with similar reactions share how they went about @Freddd 's protocol or would go about if they had to start over with the knowledge about dosage/ratios/order of supplement introduction they have gained on their healing journey?
    If symptoms got bad for you, did you find it helpful to pause supplements? Or did you make adjustments that help?

    I have taken L-carnitine (ALCAR) before to treat the liver symptoms from toxic bloating. However, it is too acidic for me as it gives my a really bad gastritis relapse within days. Does anyone have the same problem/advice on this? Can the protocol be done without L-carnitine fumarate or is the fumarate less acidic than just L-carnitine?

    I'd be so thankful for any advice as I do have the notion that "this is the key" (apart from my intestinal flora) to my healing BUT feel confused/discouraged by the experiences I have had so far...:sluggish:

    Thank you all! :balloons:

    Last edited: Sep 23, 2015

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