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Water free washing (hair and body)

Discussion in 'Lifestyle Management' started by Orla, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. Orla

    Orla Senior Member

    I heard about this product from someone with ME/CFS and have used it myself.

    There is a shampoo and conditioner that you can use that you apply and don't need to rinse out. This means it can be done in bed or sitting on a chair, without needing to go to a shower or bath (which is more energy consuming). So you might be able to get your hair washed even if you don't have te energy to take a shower or bath. Greasy hair drives me crazy so I find this is a great product for low energy days where I really want to wash my hair.

    I find the shampoo and conditioner very good (probably not quite as good as washing with water but almost). It doesn't feel like you have a load of shampoo left in the hair afterwards.

    There is also a body washing product but I have not tried that yet.

    Sources (you can also do a search for no rinse shampoo to find other sources)


    UK (will also ship to Ireland):

  2. Robin

    Robin Guest

    Wow, thanks for this, Orla.

    I have had a tough time with showers and hair washing so I'm going to try it out. It's available on Amazon! Greasy hair is my pet peeve too.
  3. Katie

    Katie Guest

    In the UK Charles Worthington and Lee Stafford (Boots online) do dry shampoos too. In fact, here's a load of them from Boots online, some of them cheap and cheerful too Boots - Dry Shampoo
  4. sarahg

    sarahg Admin Assistant

    cornstarch works too and it's much cheaper. just shake it on and brush it out. I used to do this for camping or concerts or stuff like that. If you put it in a shaker (like a larger reused one from herbs or spices) you can add a few drops of essential oil and shake it up to mix it. Living in a house with no running water for nearly the first 2 years I was sick, I'll admit I did this once and a while...but that I normally just rocked my "too sick to stand up in a shower" look.

    I'm not joking that I learned this reading "hints from heloise" at my grandma's house.
  5. gracenote

    gracenote All shall be well . . .

    Santa Rosa, CA
    Baking soda works better than cornstarch for me. It helps if you don't have really dark hair.

    Does anyone know if the products referred to have scents to them? The dry shampoos I've tried were scented which is a real problem as I can't get my nose far enough away from my hair. :Retro wink:
  6. Robin

    Robin Guest

    It DOES have a mild floral like scent, though not as strong as shampoo. (I use BWC which has a very natural lemon/citrus smell.) I found the no rinse at Sally's Beauty Supply for $7. It doesn't work as well as a regular shampoo but a lot better than my cornstarch based dry shampoo. I have really oily scalp so I just did my roots, not my whole head and it was really easy and only took 2 minutes. It's not thick like shampoo, but more liquid-y.

    I'll probably use it in between regular shampoos so I don't have to wash my hair as often. That's a good thing!
  7. spindrift

    spindrift Plays With Voodoo Dollies

    'No Rinse' contains progesterone. Found this after clicking on California residents in the product detail section in the Amazon link.

    Beauty Products
    California requires the following notice on beauty and skin care products that contain progesterone:

    WARNING: This product contains progesterone, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. Consult with your physician before using this product.
  8. glenp

    glenp "and this too shall pass"

    Vancouver Canada suburbs
    I bought a hose for the shower head, and now just get in the tub on my knees and stick my head under the tap , wash quick and rinse it off with the hose - it doesnt seem to take as much energy. I notice that the plastic smell of the hose bothers me so am going to try and get a rubber one, maybe it wont have a scent.

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