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vit d and B12 are high

Discussion in 'Genetic Testing and SNPs' started by Gyon, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. Gyon



    I am new on this forum, and I see there are a lots of knowledgeable people here. I recently got my 23andme result with this outcome: ( I dont have MTHFR)
    Here are your homozygous mutations as indicated in your SNP gene table above (not including MTHFR):
    Here are your heterozygous mutations as indicated in your SNP gene table above (not including MTHFR):
    VDR Bsm
    VDR Taq
    MAO-A R297R
    MTRR A66G

    All I have read about MTRR and VDR relates to higher need for Vit D and B12, however my recent results show Vit d be at 152 (twice over the upper range) and B12 just over the upper range. How could I supplement these if I already have more? For B12 I have figured so far could be that I had no lithium (0.001) and already supplementing it. hopefully it will show so improvement in B12 level before supplementing it. I am still not sure which type i will need to take, as i have ready BHMT can cause CBS upregulation. I also read that for BHMT I should take betaine, and was suggested in one of the reports I got for free on web. I did start taking HLC+ pepsin but gave me bad stomach pains. On my recent HTMA it shows I am high but well within range for lead and mercury. Any advice would be appreciated what to do next? I am already on clean diet. Many thanks
  2. Valentijn

    Valentijn Senior Member

    MTRR mutations only have a substantial impact if they are homozygous or compound heterozygous. So MTRR A66G +/- shouldn't be of any concern.

    VDR Bsm/Taq (they're the same thing, basically), have a very minor impact even when homozygous.

    There's no research indicating that BHMT-02 ever has any impact at all, so there's no point in trying to treat something that isn't a problem.
  3. PeterPositive

    PeterPositive Senior Member

    @Gyon supplementing B12 with a high serum value is of no concern. However you should just see if the supplements really provide any benefits or not.

    Vitamin D is another business as too much can be toxic. Your level is not in the toxic range but you certainly don't need more, so stop the supplements if you're taking any.

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  4. TheChosenOne

    TheChosenOne Senior Member

    You can take TMG, which is a form of betaine. If you don't want to take a supplement, you can eat things that are high is phosphatidylcholine, like lecithin. Your body will convert it to betaine.
    A hair test for heavy metals will only show high mercury if you body can get rid of it, because mercury 'settles down' in your tissues. What you need is a hair test that measures essential minerals to see if there is a deranged mineral transport.
    How do you measure your lithium levels?

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