The 12th Invest in ME Conference, Part 1
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Victoria piggott anyone seen her in england

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by Cinderella24, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. Cinderella24


    Hello i have just been see Victoria piggott at me clinc in england

    She said she is 99.9 percent sure of me having had me from childhood that my pregnancy 2 yr bit ago probley has led to my recent downward spriale just wounding were we go from here i also suspect pots am 25 feel 100 jist want my life back |-O
  2. John Mac

    John Mac Senior Member

    Liverpool UK
    Victoria Piggott works for the County Durham and Darlington NHS trust

    They sound like CBT/GET proponents. Stay well clear.

    "The CFS/ME Service was commissioned in 2004 to assess and treat 150-200 new referrals annually, for patients meeting the criteria. Treatments will be based upon the NICE guidelines (2007) supported by any new evidence such as the PACE trial (2012).

    Following receipt of a complete referral form supported by appropriate history, examination and investigations patients will be triaged. Predominantly assessments will be undertaken by Vicki Piggott, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist"
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