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Very Delayed Healing Startup

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by Freddd, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. Freddd

    Freddd Senior Member

    Salt Lake City
    A good friend appears to have now had a healing startup which she never had before in all the years of taking MeCbl, occasional AdoCbl and 800mcg of L-methylfolate, and all the basics and others in her customized selection.

    Interestingly, I also have had a CNS healing startup for the first time since the disasterous glutathione (precursors) tiral I did with 9 others several years ago. If we were to assume a common factor for both of us, it corresponds to a larger daily dose of Enzymatic Therapy MeCbl (30-40mg for me, 2-3mg for her) AND almost daily AdoCbl, 3.3mg for both of us. After about 2 weeks she started needing more folate and then she needed more potassium.

    Well, my potassium which had been headed down, started back up. I got a larger effective dose of L-methylfolate via timing away from potassium and Vit C shortly after the insufficiency symptoms began. I've dropped 6 pounds in the last few days and my feet are ging through the pains progression towards returning feeling with it all ready back a little. Also the emotional intensity and turmoil that occurs with neurological healing. I am still recovering from last years crash from Jarrow gone bad MeCbl as well as the glutathione crash. I also retitrated SAM-e and eneded up at 800mcg this time instead of the 200 I used for years. I hadn't tested this since the glutathione.

    What we both have is almost daily AdoCbl from weekly and we both had some noticablestartup from the Anabol Dibencoplex. I have been trying to get a CNS healing startup since the glutathione (precursor) trial. She has never had a healing startup. The only thing that did ever give her a little startup was a one time CNS AdoCbl dose which has never repeated and didn't appear to turn healing on.
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  2. dbkita

    dbkita Senior Member

    Regardless of brand I have come to believe daily Adb12 is very important.
  3. Xara

    Xara Senior Member

    The Netherlands
    Hi Freddd,
    Thanks for mentioning this.
    I'm curious:
    Are you, Freddd, and your friend planning on increasing the aB12 even further?
    In what way did your friend improve? Where did her healing consist of?
    Thanks in advance.

    A friend of mine reported yesterday that her muscle fatigue and weakness diminished after taking 2 x 10 mg of aB12 daily for some time (not being the AN but a different, well known brand, can't remember it's name right now). I thought that was most interesting too.

    I am experiening a strange thing with ab12 at the moment. I am taking 5 gr of ab12 daily (AN). Within ten minutes of placing the ab12 between gum and cheeck I usually notice a weird, subtle feeling in my chest. I think my heart's skipping a beat (but my heart's not responding with a heavy bang when it contracts again). This usually happens twice. It doesn't worry me, it makes me glad: hey, the ab12 has been absorbed in my bloodstream. After those two disturbances everything turns to normal again and I don't notice a thing anymore. (Does ab12 have an effect on the heart? Hmm, the heart is a muscle, and AFAIK ab12 is effective for the muscles...)

    Anyway, I'm still busy upping several cofactors, vitamins, minerals, but as soon as that's done I'm planning on increasing mb12, ab12 and mfolate. I'm looking forward to it, especially now that I know of these three experiences.

    Edit: I mistakenly wrote 2,5 gr instead of 5 gr of ab12.
  4. Jarod

    Jarod Senior Member

    planet earth
    We should write Jarrow and let them know their product quality has dropped off.
  5. Phred

    Phred Senior Member

    Fred, would you describe the neurological healing pain please? My worst problem is my feet too, but I don't know if the pain is a healing pain or a deficiency pain. Thanks in advance.

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