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vertigo and tinnitus

Discussion in 'General Symptoms' started by sk123, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. sk123


    Hi Everyone. I am hoping someone can guide me on this recent vertigo I have been having (about 3 wks now but currently the worst)
    I started having some vertigo a few weeks back which I thought was from intense computer work or reading. I would get dizzy when scrolling down on a cell phone. The feeling I had was like sitting in the backseat of a car in a fast moving vehicle and trying to read. Saw an opthamologist and he said one eye focuses more close than the other but this should not cause dizziness. This I had noticed was worst at night but now its during the day as well. Its all on the L side.

    I have a pocket of inflammation near the base of the sternocleidomastoid muscle on the left that comes and goes for 2-3 yrs now. When I tilt my head back I can feel the area really well and when I rub it, phlegm wants to come out. I have not had any colds or flus so this is bizzarre. I also have tinnitus in L ear for 2.5 yrs which started right after I started taking liquid pregnenolone. It was initially both ears but after stopping the pregnenolone it is only in L ear and it waxes ans wanes but never completely goes away. The pocket of inflammation on the L side causes some throat irritation currently and I feel something gel like substance from the eustachian tube to the swollen area. Its not a lot of phlegm but enough for me to know. Even when opthamologist dilated the eyes I immediately got dizzy and felt throat irritation on the L side only.

    I tried doing an eply manuever and tilting head to the right I can feel gel like stuff moving over the R side and I have more dizziness now that before. The dizziness is all on the L and no nystagmus is present. What could be this pocket of stuff? Feels like lymph to me and it comes and goes for a few years. I used to have swollen axilla nodes as well but that has gone away after taking i25 mg of odine for a year.
    I wonder if it is worth seeing a primary for this as many docs had looked at it before but had no answers as to what that pocket was and if there was a connection to the tinnitus. BAck then I only had tinnitus and no dizziness but now I am having both. Is he basically going to say take nasocort or something? I even went to an ENT when I had tinnitus to rule out anything and he put a tube down the nose and said all was fine and there was no fluid behind the ears but that I could try the nasocort to see if it helps . I tried that and it didnt do anything for the tinnitus.
    Is this related to EBV somehow? I had had high ebv igg antibody in past 1280 and EBV VCA IGM as <10 eight yrs ago. Noone at that time knew what to do with me back then so I never got any kind of treatment. I have had low cortisol for years. Is there any other virus that could cause a swollen lymph node on one side only? What all should I get tested for current situation? I am afraid to go to an ENT because last time I just wanted to get an idea if the tinnitus could be serious and they wanted to do a hearing exam (my hearing is just fine) and said he couldn't tell me anything unless he did a procedure to stick the tube down the nose. 10 seconds after doing the tube procedure I was sent on my way saying all is fine.
    I noticed taking olive leaf made the swollen lyph node go down a bit and this is when phelm mobilized out of pocket and towards Eustachian tube. Generally when I have this node swell up I am feeling worse than normal.
    Any thoughts or ideas as to what could be going on and any way to discern if its from inner ear fluid buildup or what else. Even focusing near and far sometimes like looking at computer and then moving eyes without moving head causes the dizziness esp after doing the eply maneuver. Any guidance on this is greatly appreciated!
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  2. trishrhymes

    trishrhymes Senior Member

    I'm not a doctor, but your dizziness reminds me of when I had labyrinthitis,

    ''Labyrinthitis is an inner ear infection.

    It causes a delicate structure deep inside your ear called the labyrinth to become inflamed, which affects your hearing and balance.''

    It was diagnosed by GP from symptom description. The treatment then was symptomatic - a drug used for motion sickness. I think it took several weeks to go away.

    I hope you recover from this soon.
  3. IreneF

    IreneF Senior Member

    San Francisco
    Could be an inner ear infection. Symptoms vary, but they include a stuffy feeling in the ear, strange noises and sensations, and bouts of sudden, intense vertigo and nausea. I had one. The ear stuff was bothersome, but I got vertigo when I was just sitting on my couch, not doing much of anything. Almost hurled.

    I talked about it with my internist. He said to go to an ENT if it didn't go away. I was concerned about Meniere's disease, which can cause deafness and disabling vertigo. It did go away after a few weeks.
  4. sk123


    Thank you Trish and Irene for your replies!
    It does seem like its coming from the ear. The pocket of fluid drained from the throat anf i could feel a very small amt of phlem drain from throat. The fluid right at base of SCM muscle is bizarre as its been coming and going for 2 yrs now i think. Never had the dizziness though..this was the 1st time. The dizinnes started first this time and then I noticed the throat lump afterwards. I started olive leaf and the swollen lymph type swelling went away and only 30 percent is left now. Its better overall but diziness still there somewhat..worse when I look to left and turn my head.

    Can one get inner ear fluid etc even when no cold or flu present before this? I jave no jad any kind pf spre throat or cold like symptoms at all. What triggers this I wonder. Im sure the dizziness will go away in due time but how to get rid of tinnitus in one ear which has been there for over 1.5 yrs atleast?

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