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Valentijn . where's website for controls for comparison?

Discussion in 'Genetic Testing and SNPs' started by taniaaust1, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. taniaaust1

    taniaaust1 Senior Member

    Sth Australia

    I dont know how to figure out which at 23andME are mutations and which arent when I look something up, is there a trick to this? I really wish I could get my head around it.

    Also where is that website where one can get raw data to compare for controls?

  2. Valentijn

    Valentijn Senior Member

    Basically by reading the research. Sometimes will have a good summary. If just looking for what's rare, there's "MAF/Minor Allele Count" near the top of the page for results at has SNP data from various services which many people have shared. I downloaded all of that, deleted the ones that aren't from 23andMe, and pasted 12 non-fatigued people's results into an excel sheet to compare to our patient results.

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