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Using Nutrigenomics Optimize Health "DETECTING NEUROPROVOKING FOODS" by Dr. Amy Yasko

Discussion in 'Lifestyle Management' started by Alistair, Mar 15, 2012.


Does diet effect your Fibromialgia pain ?

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  1. Yes I have concurrent Fibromialgia

  2. Yes I am familiar with Epigenetics

  3. Yes I have eliminated sugars from my daily diet

  4. Yes I an using Nutrigenomics and avoiding NEURO-PROVOKING FOODS

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  1. Alistair


    Wagga Wagga
    Hi all, I thought you'd be interested in this (summoned up the courage for a first post) ;

    Nearly 8 weeks ago I started the Wahls Paleo diet protocol.

    (8 cups of veggies (3 plate full's) per day (3 cups of sulphur rich vegetables per day Collards /Brescia's - organic Green and Red cabbage, organic Broccoli, Red Kale, Green Kale, Yellow Kale, White Kale, Turnip greens, Spinach, Parsley, organic silver-beet, Cauliflower, garlic , leeks, chives) + 3 cups coloured vegetables per day, red cabbage, beets, organic carrots, and for some the traffic light of organic peppers (I am capsicum intolerant to the whole family), peaches, oranges, bananas and berries + 1 cup of fruit berries, bananas, apples, pears, oranges, mandarins, lemon, lime, PLUS wild fish, grass fed red meat, + organ meat once per week. Seaweed for Iodine and free organic chicken not fed on starches or corn).

    My Fibromyalgia pain has been cut in half over the last 8 weeks. Its the elimination of starches, ie potatoes, cereals and pasta, baked goods, rice potato chips and corn.

    Dr Wahls's address is available on YouTube.

    Her story is amazing. Her recovery is profound. Advance secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis is almost a death sentence.

    Dr. Amy Yasko's - Using Nutrigenomics To Optimize Health and particularly her PDF article "DETECTING NEURO-PROVOKING FOODS" at her website helped me understand why the Wahls protocol is doubly important as a quick contrast of the article "DETECTING NEURO-PROVOKING FOODS", Foods That Damage the Nerves with the Wahls/ Paleo Diet protocol and I can't find one Foods That Damage the Nerves that is included in the Wahls Paleo Protocol;

    Cool hey.

    Scroll down to a copy of Dr. Amy Yasko's, PDF article "DETECTING NEURO-PROVOKING FOODS".

    Alistair Mills

    An Inspiring story
    Dr. Amy Yasko -

    Using Nutrigenomics To Optimize Health

    Methylation and Mutation Part 1 A

    Methylation Part 1 B

    Methylation Part 2A

    Methylation Part 2B

    Methylation Part 1 C

    Dopamine Part 1

    Dopamine Part 2

    Mood, energy levels, mental stability, resilience, speech, motor-skills, sleep, and hormonal function are just a few of the many functional areas closely tied to neurotransmitter balance.
    Neurotransmitters are brain chemicals that communicate information throughout the brain and body. They also signal the two halves of our autonomic nervous systemthe sympathetic and parasympathetic systems, each of which helps perform a wide range of bodily functions.

    There are two kinds of neurotransmitters, which act in a dynamic balance something like a seesaw.
    Excitatory neurotransmitters stimulate.
    Inhibitory neurotransmitters calm the brain, nerves, and mood
    Imbalances occur when one side or the other becomes overactive. The goal is to keep them in balance.
    For children with autism the seesaw were concerned about is the one between glutamate, an excitatory neurotransmitter, and GABA, a calming neurotransmitter essential for speech.
    Too much glutamate causes excitation leading to stimulatory behavior, called stims, and excess nerve firing and nerve damage. Not enough GABA and calming neurotransmission leads to lack of speech.
    When the glutamate/GABA seesaws tips too far over to glutamate, reducing glutamate intake helps to restore balance and correct the health symptoms. While we all need low levels of glutamate, avoiding excessive intake will help stop the inflammatory process that glutamate and
    other excitotoxins trigger.
    Toxic Food Ingredients
    To keep glutamate levels balanced, its best to avoid all foods (and nutritional supplements) that contain (or prompt the body to create) glutamate, glutamic acid, aspartate, and/or aspartic acid and cysteine. Once you begin to read labels, youll be surprised how widespread these ingredients are-- even in foods your children currently eat!
    Heres what to look for.

    Foods to Avoid

    Sources of MSG

    Hydrolyzed protein or hydrolyzed oat flour
    Sodium caseinate or calcium caseinate
    Autolyzed yeast or yeast extract
    Glutamic acid
    Monosodium glutamate
    Excitotoxic Food Ingredients
    Autolyzed anything
    Autolyzed yeast
    Autolyzed yeast extract
    Calcium caseinate
    Carrageenan (or vegetable gum)
    Chicken/pork/beef base
    Chicken/pork/beef flavoring
    Disodium caseinate
    Disodium guanylate
    Disodium inosinate
    Dough conditioner(s)
    Guar gum
    Hydrolyzed anything
    Hydrolyzed oat flour
    Hydrolyzed plant protein
    Hydrolyzed protein
    Hydrolyzed vegetable protein
    Kombu extract
    Malt extract
    Malt flavoring(s)
    Malted anything
    Malted barely flour
    Malted barley/barley malt
    Meat flavorings (chicken, beef etc.)
    Monosodium glutamate
    Natural flavor(s)
    Natural flavoring(s)
    Plant protein extract 1-cysteine
    Seasoned salt
    Seasoning(s) or spices
    Smoke flavoring(s)
    Sodium caseinate
    Soup base
    Soy extract
    Soy protein
    Soy protein concentrate
    Soy protein isolate
    Soy sauce
    Spice mixes that contain glutamate or MSG as an ingredient
    Textured protein
    Vegetable gum
    Whey protein
    Whey protein concentrate
    Whey protein isolate
    Yeast extract

    Food Products That Commonly Contain Excitoxins and Other Harmful Ingredients
    Clearly, you cant always avoid everything on these lists. But you can regard these foods and
    ingredients with suspicion, as they have been known to cause problems. Even if you do not
    eliminate them entirely, you can pay special attention after your child has eaten a potentially
    troublesome food and look for and note an immediate negative reaction (within the next twentyfour
    hours.) On the other hand, there can also be a long term cumulative effect, so dont think
    that in the absence of an immediate problem, your child can tolerate that food.
    It may not always be possible to avoid every single item on these lists, but you can and should
    monitor your childs intake of foods that damage the nerves.

    Foods That Damage the Nerves

    Anything enzyme modified
    Anything fermented
    Anything protein fortified
    Anything ultra-pasteurized
    Anything vitamin enriched
    Anything with corn syrup added
    Anything with milk solids
    Baked goods from bakeries
    Barbeque sauce
    Certain brands of cold cuts/hot dogs
    Body builder protein mixes
    Bottled spaghetti sauce
    Boullion (any kind)
    Canned and smoked tuna, oysters, clams
    Canned soups (certain brands)
    Canned refried beans
    Canned, frozen, or dry entrees and potpies
    Caramel flavoring/coloring
    Chili sauce
    Chocolates/Candy bars
    Citric acid (when processed from corn)
    Corn chips (certain brands)
    Dough conditioners
    Dry milk or whey powder
    Egg substitutes
    Flavored chips (certain brands)
    Flavored teas, sodas
    Flowing agents
    Fresh and frozen pizza
    Fresh produce sprayed with Auxigroinstead choose organically grown produce
    Fried chicken from fast food sources
    Frostings and fillings
    Gravy Master
    Instant soup mixes/Stocks
    Kombu extract
    Low-fat/Diet foods
    Many salad dressings/Croutons
    Most salty, powdered dry food mixes
    Non-dairy creamers
    Parmesan cheese
    Salted peanuts (certain brands)
    Powdered soup and sauce mixes (certain brands)
    Processed cheese spread
    Ramen noodles
    Restaurant gravy from food service cans
    Restaurant soups made from food service Soup base
    Sausages/Processed meats/Cold cuts
    Seasoned anything
    Skim, 1%, 2%, non-fat, or dry milk
    Some bagged salads and vegetables
    Some peanut butters
    Some spices
    Soy sauce
    Supermarket turkey & chicken (injected)
    Table salts
    Tofu and other fermented soy products
    Tomato sauce/Stewed tomatoes
    Whipped cream topping substitutes
    Worcestershire sauce
    Xanthan gum/other gums


    The bottom line is that once glutamate reaches a certain level, neurological damage has
    already occurred. To avoid getting to that point, the goal is to limit the amount of
    glutamate that comes into the body every day. As you learn the sources of glutamate and
    aspartate, you can make informed choices about limiting intake to keep excitotoxins to a
    minimum; you will never avoid them completely.
    Transitioning to proper nutrition and getting glutamate under control are foundational to
    this Yasko Protocol, even though its often a challenge. Please seek out the techniques
    and approaches that work for your child and family, and remember that this is a
    marathon, not a sprint.
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  2. voner

    voner Senior Member


    thanks for the post. Please keep us updated on your longer term progress & what symptoms are reduced, and which aren't etc...

    I think everyone should be aware that Dr. Wahls protocol also included some very intensive neuromuscular electrical stimulation.

    A description of Dr. Wahls protocol she actually used can be found here:

    in my opinion, Dr. Wahls Ted Videos is slightly misleading, in that she does not emphasize the intensive neuromuscular electric stimulation.

    In any event, Dr. Wahls recovery is quite amazing.
  3. helen1

    helen1 Senior Member

    I used to eat very similarly to Dr wahls diet until testing showed I had the CBS mutation that leads to high ammonia and sulfur groups. (Also had high phosphorus and urea, which is related but can't remember how.) Apparently methylation is unlikely to be successful until sulfur levels come down (Yasko). This might be one reason I've done badly with methylation attempts so am now eating low sulfur foods before my next attempt.

    Quite a few of us here have the CBS variation so masses of high sulfur foods are probably not healthy for everyone.
    High folate foods also cause problems for a lot of us trying methylation protocols so that's another thing to beware of when considering boatloads of veggies.

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