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untested for infections in Australia

Discussion in 'Diagnostic Guidelines and Laboratory Testing' started by knackers323, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. knackers323

    knackers323 Senior Member

    Anyone know of the lab options for testing brucella, biharzia, bartonella, toxoplasmosis, babesia, mycoplasma, ricketsia, q fever etc.in Australia?

    I think pcr is considered the best for most of these but I can only find two labs in oz and they don't cover everything that can be done overseas.

    I don't think overseas is an option because it takes too long to get there.

    Anyone in oz had these and other tests?
  2. heapsreal

    heapsreal iherb 10% discount code OPA989,

    australia (brisbane)
    Aus biologics do mycoplasma and cpn, suppose to be more sensitive than normal testing here?? They did do babesia but that was only for a study they were doing . I dont know any more.

    I think when it comes to cost and if positive for borrelia than i would just treat for babesia and all the infections mentioned are treated by many similar abx.

    i posted a link awhile back where a german researcher/dr, i think dr glasser, used roxithromycin with bactrim and had good success with high doses over 6 weeks .

    Similar combo classes have been used for babesia. Also roxithromycin is effective against myco and cpn.

    My understanding is bactrim isnt effective on its own against borrelia but when combined with roxithromycin , it does have an effect on borrelia. Im guessing this combo probably may have a broader range of effects and cover the other infections .

    I just wonder with us aussies if its cheaper and easier to just treat and see if we improve. Im hesitating doing testing because of cost but also because i need to be off abx for 4 weeks before testing to be accurate and when i stop cfs worsens. Only been doing one abx at a time mostly but considering trying combinations . Also buying abx from alldaychemist is cheaper than locally buying them in bulk.

    aus biologics do a pcr urine test which they said was ok while on abx.
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  3. Hutan

    Hutan Senior Member

    New Zealand
    Australian Rickettsial Reference Lab
    does rickettsias plus a few others

    They are a specialist, well respected lab. If you go via the public system, there is no cost.
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