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undermethylator or overmethylator... what if have symptoms of both?

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by humankind14, Feb 23, 2016.

  1. humankind14


    all my suspects go around undermethylator, because i have histamine intolerance, and all the behaviors...perfectionist, ritualistic behaviors etc etc... used to have seasonal allergies....

    but..... i have also a lot of overmethylator symptoms, such as anxiety, panic episodes ( solvented), food sesnsitivity...developed intolerances, caeliac disease, dry skin,low libido, nervousness..sleep disorders....(i never had problems with sleep) adrenal issues (a lot of issues here)

    as i suspected undermethylation , due to histamine intolerance initially, i started takig, magnesium, TMG, zinc, milk thistle, vit c , maca (for adrenal issues)....
    but the weird here, what are causing doubts is that i tried b12 and not felt good, tried folic acid..and BOOM! it makes me feel great! like before all those nasty problems.... in fact with soem euphoria, and folic acid is perfect for overmethylators because its a demethylating agent., no matter if it comes in methyl form, if strip more methyl dan donate...

    maybe i changed my condition? could i started as over and now im over?
    sincerelly, the typical, bahavior of undermethylator was more in the past, as i remembered i was...but know im more close to over....

    so, what shoul i do? should i quit the methyl donnors to see? should i keep taking folic acid without b12?
    as well, i forgot to mention, i had the homocysteine a little high wich is more for over methylators right?

    ive ordered th 23andme test to see exactly, but what should i do while i have it?
    i think i could keep the TMG to remethylate the homocysteine, wich is anothe way to do, and still keeping the folic acid wich makes me feel so nice.... but the proble here is that folic acid acts as a SSRI, and im afraid that the way is making me felling great, and can mask a metyhl trapping for using alone without b12...
    just because undermethylated persons respond well to these medications, and overmethylator not....
    as for the bzd they works great for me (wich is better for over)

    so im absolutelly confused here....
    any suggestion?

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