Despite Our Losses, People with ME/CFS Want More
We've been cheated by ME/CFS and we all know it. That's a no-brainer, if you'll pardon the cognitive pun. And loss didn't just result from the bad things that befell us. It also encompasses the good things that just ... never came. The absence of bounty. Of wholeness. Of peace.
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Umbrella term seen below the umbrella

Discussion in 'General Symptoms' started by Aria, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. Aria

    Aria Guest

    Observing my comportement on a forum since a moment (i guess), a friend posted this video:

    I was diagnotiqued skyzophrene at psychatric hospital after serious depressions, but I was still conscient and unsatisfied (I made the diagnostic and no one contradicted me). When I saw this video I felt like something similar to my behaviours.

    Recently I was interogating myself reading this article (the factor was holywoood that make way too much projection from movies to movies)

    So, here's my guess, as posted on a discussion, maybe useless maybe good to process.

    ME\CFS was a really disturbing question. Tho, far too much symptom, and the expressed versatility prove that it can't be properly define so, after reading the wiki about mental projection, I came to think that what is described is a non diagnostiqued autism, an inverted autism where, inconscient, you come to project yourself in a mental structure in a try to be normal, not because you want it, but because ppls around you push you to be so. The worst is that more you are pushed to be normal, the more this autism take power over your inconscient and, who know, make the autism change into skyzophreny in a try to get out of this mental structure.

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  2. _Kim_

    _Kim_ Guest

    Hi Aria, welcome to the forums.

    So, you are self-diagnosed with schizophrenia, but are wondering if that might not be the correct diagnosis. Is that right?

    The symptoms that are included in that M.E. / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Sleepydust Video that your friend sent are helpful for you to consider if you have ME/CFS, but they are not the only symptoms that our "umbrella" diagnosis includes.

    Other members here have been discussing the connection between Autism and ME/CFS (and XMRV). Clearly there is a good deal of overlap of symptoms. Gastrointestinal problems, food sensitivities, methylation block, reaction to vaccines, and sensory overload are just some of the symptoms that both ME/CFS and Autistic patients have in common.

    I'm not clear how psychological projection fits into your ideas about these. Projection is something that all of us do to some degree. You falsely attribute to others your own unacceptable feelings. This sort of defensive functioning serves to keep unpleasant or unacceptable thoughts or feelings out of conscious awareness and to negate reality in some way. I don't believe that ME/CFS patients experience projection any more than the rest of the human race.

    [Note: I've moved your post over to the Other Symptoms section.]
  3. Aria

    Aria Guest

    I'm not schizophrene, I was too tired, that was My umbrella, not knowing better explainations.

    You falsely attribute to others your own unacceptable feelings.
    Dunno what you are talking about

    I don't believe that ME/CFS patients experience projection any more than the rest of the human race.
    I heard about the hedgedog complex for first time in a animation (see the avatar) called evangelion. Maybe also ME/CFS keep under the umbrella peopples that can't express properly (even to theirslelf) some disturbing reality like, to see that peopples keep projecting their life in a tiny world while 1 billion peopples are living in slums. While some don't care, some might suffer being stroll in a projection that forget to look thru the windows that have been opened in our mind by medias. Medias fataly increase the fields of consciousness and you can't negate reality indefinitly without projecting "ghosts", colective subcouncious unease.
  4. _Kim_

    _Kim_ Guest

    I just pulled up a list of signs of schizophrenia from Psyweb (I have no idea if this is a credible resource). I can see how it might be possible to look at a list like that, recognize some of the signs and consider a diagnosis of schizophrenia. The signs I've highlighted in red are ones that I have experienced since I've been sick with ME/CFS. Though I've experienced some social isolation when I've been too ill to leave the house and too tired to even talk on the phone for very long, I wouldn't call that social withdrawal.

    Signs of Schizophrenia

    * Excessive fatigue and sleepiness or an inability to sleep.
    * Social withdrawal and isolation.
    * Deterioration of social relationships.
    * Inability to concentrate or cope with minor problems.
    * Apparent indifference, even in highly important situations.
    * Dropping out of activities.
    * Decline in academic and athletic performance.

    * Deterioration of personal hygiene; eccentric dress.
    * Frequent moves or trips or long walks leading nowhere.
    * Drug or alcohol abuse.
    * Undue preoccupation with spiritual or religious matters.
    * Bizarre behavior.
    * Inappropriate laughter.
    * Strange posturing.
    * Low tolerance to irritation.
    * Excessive writing without apparent meaning.
    * Inability to express emotion.
    * Irrational statements.
    * Peculiar use of words or language structure.
    * Conversation that seems deep but is not logical or coherent
    * Staring; vagueness.
    * Unusual sensitivity to stimuli ( noise, light. )
    * Forgetfulness.

    Oh, I didn't mean YOU personally. I was just restating a characteristic of psychological projection so that I could try and understand the connection you were trying to make (I still don't understand) to ME/CFS.

    Do you mean the hedgehog's dilemma? That's where the hedgehogs need to cuddle with other hedgehogs to keep warm in the winter, but if they get too close, they hurt each other with their quills?

    That would make sense if ME/CFS only afflicted those in a tiny world in nice houses, however, it is indiscriminant in its target. Women, men, and children from all ways of life can be afflicted with ME/CFS.

    That's why I can't even watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer without getting nightmares. I don't let that stuff into my subconscious to begin with. I have loosened up on my no TV rule since I got sick (watching old House MD episodes on the internet), but I generally have very little media input - no radio, newspapers, magazines, or movies.
  5. I don't understand what you are trying to say? Do you think you have CFS? Do you need help with it?

    What does psychological projection have to do with CFS?

    If you had schizophrenia you wouldn't believe it, because schizophrenics operate under their own version of reality. I had a friend who was schizophrenic. They are also very paranoid and they believe things like the TV is watching them and they can hear voices.
  6. Aria

    Aria Guest

    I don't understand what you are trying to say?
    What schyzophrenia and autism have in comon is that it is told that subjects are closed inside their "own world". Hopefully ME/CFS is not so categoric.

    As _kim_ I don't look TV anymore since long, but maybe it's a point to look at: why ? Our experience might help to spot possible excess in media like TV cinema. We might be just victims of visual technicity abuse and maybe we can help to point what make us retired from those things to avoid more "victims". I'm conscient that my talking seems a bit paranoiac but pschyche is a serious topic that we can't let in the hand of cinema FX and Advertisement. That's a topic we must know.

    What does psychological projection have to do with CFS?
    As I said, it might be useless or it might be interessting idea to meditate

    Do I need help with it ? I most likely have a non diagnostiqued autism and came to face it with broad sword, AK47 and TNT. I don't wan't my world to stay closed and it seems I have more in common with ME/CFS symptoms than skyzophrenia. 0% socialized, difficulty to handle my life and really tired for the main lines.
    I was just passing by puting some ideas about my own experience. One form of help is to help each others, stay active.

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