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UK Dr Gibson/ politics in ME research

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by heapsreal, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. heapsreal

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    australia (brisbane)

    Interesting how he says a certain group in the UK seem to block biomedical reasearch into ME.
    Good to see an outspoken doc telling them how it is.

    GIBSON: fatigue. You know, we all get fatigued, as you said in your introduction. But this is an association with many other conditions in the body as well; and in fact, your body can react iwith an immune response against something which causes the heart to have a problem. There are cardiographic problems that are associated with it, and theres other conditionsliver, kidney and so on.

    Now, we had a meeting here in this very building a week ago, in which we showed a film, Out of the Shadows it was called. People had come forwardmums and dadsand defined the problems with their kids. And there were people from Norwich I met, young people, from my old area, as it were, but from other parts of the city too and other parts of the county, who had all identified this problem and had come up against the same kind of problem in terms of the medical profession not taking it ultra seriously. Now our line is, okay, lets cut the cackle about what causes it and lets try and do some proper research to find out what it is.

    On the one hand, you have the medical establishment, if you like, saying its a psychiatric condition, mental health and so on

    MCDERMOTT: Yes, depression

    GIBSON: Thats why you need certain treatments, you know, to help that, analysis. On the other hand, theres people who would say Well, on the other hand, maybe its caused by something else, a virus or whatever. And there have been one or two false starts in finding viruses, but we have identified people who came suddenly, out from University of East Anglia, who are interested in doing this kind of research, not with any prejudice one way or the other. They just said Give us some ME patients, you have got the money from a charity. We will do some work. We will look at the immune responses. It might be causes by food de-sensitivity, food causes. We have got some really, really top-notch, world-class scientists here who dare to have a look at it, and find out if there was anything in the theory that there was some physical cause or part cause of the condition.

    MCDERMOTT: And is that whats happening now?

    GIBSON: Well, were having trouble because were running into the medical establishment, which has great tentacles all over the place. Now some of my best mates say No, we dont want to give the University a bad name by doing something which is not recognized at higher level
  2. Enid

    Enid Senior Member

    Quite so heaps - here in the UK - an old boy network long built into the establishment - you hopefully can buck we are sick of here - my brother (Prof Neurology) took off for the States many years ago saying "they even support each other when they know it's wrong". Hoping the shake up in the NHS more patient orientated will remove all this and replace with real science and research and not egos any more.

    Just spotted some duplications - don't mention to SW et al or it's off to their fairyland .

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