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UK Conference at Loughborough Un'y on May 16th 2015 - B12 Deficiency, Thyroid, Folate/Nutrigenomics

Discussion in 'Other Health News and Research' started by Llanwathrai, Apr 24, 2015.

  1. Llanwathrai


    A year ago I was very ill and confined to my bed. I spent a lot of time trawling through your wonderful forum, absorbing information that helped me immensely - Rich's work, Freddd's protocol and the contributions made my so many others. By combining this with information from other sites such as Tracey Witty's excellent www.b12deficiency.info and Dr Ben Lynch's www.mthfr.net I have now (mostly) recovered. I've even entered a 100km charity cycle ride and last Sunday managed a whopping 83km/50 miles!! So, first of all ... thank-you!

    Secondly, Tracey Witty has organised this 'not-for-profit' conference and I thought some of you might be interested to come along .... the topics are vitamin B12 deficiency, thyroid disease, methylation and folate metabolism, genetics and genetic testing (MTHFR / MTR & MTRR polymorphisms), nutrition, the connections between them all and how the available data is often 'doctored'. Of course, there are obvious connections with ME/CFS too, although this doesn't actually appear in the conference 'blurb'.

    Brief details:-
    Where: Loughborough University
    When: Saturday May 16th (9am - 6pm)
    Cost: £62 to include lunch, free on-site parking, post conference webinar and attendance/CPD certificate.
    What: Tracey has secured four highly regarded experts who will speaking and answering questions on . . .
    • Sally Pacholok RN BSN - The effect of B12 deficiency on all body systems. Symptoms, causes, those at risk and common misdiagnoses. Anyone who has come across Sally's book "Could it be B12? - an epidemic of misdiagnoses" will know that common misdiagnoses include depression, anxiety, IBS and even more severe neurological conditions such as MS, dementia, Parkinson’s and so on. Incidentally, if you haven't seen this documentary film I recommend it
    • Lorraine Cleaver Expert Patient - Diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disease from a patient's perspective.
    • Umahro Cadogan Adjunct Professor of Nutrition - Genetic polymorphisms and the role of B12 and folate in methylation (coupled with the B12 information this is what was invaluable to me on a personal level – genetic testing gave me so many answers as to why I became sick. It also opened up new ways to experiment with nutrition and supplements and basically transformed my life and much of my thinking).
    • Dr. Malcolm Kendrick MbChB, MRCGP GP - Doctoring data - how data are manipulated to present information in wildly inaccurate ways.

    The conference is is intended to inform and educate. It will definitely help individuals and healthcare workers improve outcomes and it promises to be an interesting and informative day.

    I hope it's OK to post this information. I'm not advertising as such as i have nothing to gain personally, but you would be most welcome to attend.

    Wishing everyone all the best

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