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Two different types of XMRV revisited

Discussion in 'XMRV Testing, Treatment and Transmission' started by RustyJ, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. RustyJ

    RustyJ Contaminated Cell Line 'RustyJ'

    Mackay, Aust
    Cort, in your excellent article "A different kind of XMRV?" http://www.forums.aboutmecfs.org/content.php?187-Dr-Mikovits-and-Dr-Racaniello-on-XMRV you wrote:

    Is there growing concensus for the two versions of XMRV theory. There may have been an oblique reference to this in Amy Dockser Marcus' latest article:

    Have the prostate cancer and the negative studies researchers been working on just the prostate version while WPI has only been working on the ME/CFS version? Could it really be as simple as that? All the debate about cohorts, methodologies etc will go up in smoke. New questions would then need to be raised. How did this happen? Who is to blame?

    Or is Amy Dockser Marcus just referring to the difference between clinical and analytical samples, a problem highlighted by Parvofighter. http://www.forums.aboutmecfs.org/sh...ser-Marcus-blog-re-XMRV-Working-Group-Report&

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