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Treatment overview

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by heapsreal, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. heapsreal

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    australia (brisbane)
    Just copying mellster with treatment overview.

    Antioxidants- NAC(liver protection), lipoic acid(liver protection), vit e, vit B multi, vit c

    immune system-Cycloferon(cycle off and on), astragalus(cycle off and on)

    Antiviral/abx- Famvir, doxycycline(eye infections, also saline drops etc, ?sjogrens), azithromycin for sinus, both abx only used when required

    NAtural sleep supps-phosphatidyle serine( lower cortisol), withania( cortisol control and adaptagen properties),tryptophan, 5htp, melatonin( also good anti-oxidant), zizyphus and kava( i use for early morning wakenings)

    sleep meds- Alternate zopiclone with other benzo's( valium, hypnodorm or mogadon), may add antihistamine(phenergan, diphenhydramine, atarax), occassional avanza, seroquel is my go to med when sleep is crap or need that week end sleep in catch up sleep-maybe once a week or fortnight. Baclofen improves sleep quality of other meds, I dont use all these sleep meds at once but alternate to avoid drug tolerence and dosage escalation. mainly use 2 of these together eg zopiclone and baclofen.

    Pain- Alternate neurontin with lyrica( restless leg typ pains at night, also good for sleep), tramadol SR for chronic back pain also good for energy- night time dosing interferes with sleep, occassional anti-inflammatory if back flares up but not that great for pain relief compared to tramadol. Panadeine extra/paracetamol-codeine med for occassional headaches etc- maybe once a week.

    energy- Tramadol has helped but use for back pain but is a welcome side effect, NAD in the past

    Hormone/estrogen control- arimidex to lower high E2 levels(has helped with weight loss), trying very low doses of pregnenolone again,

    blood sugar control- lipoic acid suppose to help with this, metformin to improve insulin sensitivity and in combo with low carb diet has helped me to lose 20kg in last 2 years.

    cholesterol- non flushing niacin twice a day- has lowered this to a more normal level

    sinus infection- besides abx also use nasal saline spray and nasal steriod -nasonex.

    Crash formula- b12 injections and vegetating

    wow that is alot when i look at it, but many are used when required and not on regular basis, sleep meds and famvir are really my necessary supps. Will be looking into LDN in the future and sleep is always a battle so looking into more natural approach and try and get off sleep meds if i can.

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