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Toxin help...termite fumigation

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by pinknika, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. pinknika


    I have to get my house that I rent fumigated with Vikane (sulfuryl fluoride) and was wondering if there is anyway to prepare for that other than the typical info that you find on the dow website (dow makes this pesticide)

    I recently found out that I may have adrenal fatigue and possibly other hormonal problems. I think getting this done now will hinder my recovery possibly delay or even halt. I don't want to be paranoid but I am worried about the long term results of this chemical although they say this gas dissipates into the atmosphere (that is a problem too) and when it is no longer detected in the air when testing, it is safe to return. I am not trusting them, and according to the epa.gov website, it says it penetrates through walls and pores of wood, and the uptake by materials of the structure is "low". And although it leaves no "residue" if it can penetrate wood, who knows about mattresses and furniture. It even says on the termite website that mattresses for newborns need to be removed.

    I can't afford to move anywhere and the landlords are not being nice about it and do not want to do alternative options. I was also told if I didn't like it, I should move. The house has to be tented and gased.

    Since I have to live there til who knows when, at least another year or so, is there anything I can do? Houseplants? Himalayan salt crystal lamps? Burn sage? I am not trying to be funny but I am trying to find some humor in this dire situation and I like alternative methods. Has anyone had to deal with toxins like this? Any help is appreciated! Thanks.

  2. minkeygirl

    minkeygirl But I Look So Good.

    Left Coast
    Places that do mold removal have these giant air scrubbers that remove crap from the air.

    Also Contact Fair Housing in your county.

    Landlords are required to make accommodations for the disabled. If you can get a doc to support you look online for a request for accommodations form. I posted a link below.

    Submit that to them and I would give them some alternatives. You may have to pay for the difference but it might be worth it. I know for example there are places that use natural stuff to kill termites so there might be something for you

    I believe it is illegal for them to refuse to try to make the accommodations.

    You don't have to take this from them at least not without a fight.
  3. minkeygirl

    minkeygirl But I Look So Good.

    Left Coast
  4. Raindrop

    Raindrop Senior Member

    Ah....you are bringing up a subject I have dealt with repeatedly and may soon face again.
    Unfortunately, many of us folks who are sick end up without the monthly resources to be in
    anything but older apartments. I have moved several times, and after several of these moves,
    they have scheduled tenting. I researched the Vikane extensively. No matter what the companies
    (DOW - a notorious horrid company that produced Agent Orange and DDT which were also
    said to be "safe") say, my personal opinion is that for people like us, it is Not "completely safe".
    Last time I went through this, I ended up deciding to remove ALL of bedding, including mattress,
    towels, ALL of my clothes and many throw rugs (carpet you can't remove obviously).
    I also removed the COUCH (due to porous fabric). It was a HUGE hassle and expensive!! My thinking was that
    if the gas could penetrate wood, then it could penetrate cloth very easily!! Were I able, I would
    have removed everything!!! Then, instead of being out the 3 days they say is "safe", I
    stayed in a motel for 2 weeks and had the place aired out as much as possible. (However
    airing it out as much as I would think it should be is quite difficult given the need for security
    without open windows.)

    That all being said, if you do research on this subject, you will find that residue is found 6 months,
    and in some studies a year longer. I think we are somewhat screwed!! But short of moving,
    I would recommend that you try to remove as much as possible and stay elsewhere for as long as you are able,
    at least 7 days anyway. You would think that there are laws about having the landlord cover for the duration
    it is necessary for *YOU* to be out. However, when I went through this, my land lady only covered one or
    two days (I can't remember). The only option given to me was to be out the minimal 3 days in a
    very unsafe lodging situation in a bad part of the city. So I charged up the cost of a decent hotel
    to stay in.

    Before the Home Owners Association decided on the Fumigation method of Tenting for the termites,
    I did not go down without a fight. I went to every resident in the community I could and asked them
    to sign a petition for safer method of eradication. (Such as Orange Oil that many companies now
    offer). Unfortunately, the HOA Board members had the ultimate power to decide what they
    wanted, and those of us who protested got nothing other than scowls. It was very discouraging
    and used up a great deal of mental and physical energy. However, I learned a bit in the process,
    and have since (in the next communities) been able to educate some key people. However,
    the decision may still be made to do the Tenting again. ARGH!!!! Depending on the State you live
    in, there may be a law that they cannot force you to leave if your MD writes a letter explaining
    that you cannot be tented due to the lingering after-effects because of your medical condition.
    They cannot then force you to leave and legally, they cannot enter with the Gas if you are still
    in the residence. The problem with that scenario is whether this will anger your apt owner or
    manager to the extent that they then wish you to move elsewhere. If you refuse to leave,
    then they cannot Tent the ENTIRE building, since that is how they do it -- the whole building
    gets tented. So the neighbors/home owners and management may also protest!! So it can get political
    and this is so sad when you have major health conditions. I would contact the Fair Housing
    office in your area and *speak to an attorney* about what your rights are in that State.

    Be sure to at least get local company names and information about alternative treatments
    (such as Orange Oil) and see if they will consider it. If you live in an *apartment* rather than
    a *condominium* you may have more alternatives. I hope this is helpful and that you get through this as easily as possible. I KNOW how terribly stressful this situation can be! Let us know what progresses.
    Wishing the BEST for you!
  5. pinknika


    Thank you for the replies. To be honest I have no energy to fight, it sounds pathetic but the people I have to deal with are far from accommodating and the threat of eviction that they have imposed are just something I might have to deal with. I forgot to mention that they will not be reimbursing for the days that the house will not be inhabitable and from research I can sue them in small claims court. But this whole situation is really a nightmare, I rather not deal with it, and as passive as it sounds, I just really wish I had the time and money and health to really speak up and stand up for whats right.

    I am sure I could get a doctors note but I am not sure how they will take it and I don't want my living situation to continue to be worse as they are angry regardless of any situation.

    If it does end up happening, which I think it will. I think I will get everything removed, at least the mattress and the couch all my clothes and most of my belongings, which is ridiculous to me because it's like why don't I move anyway? It almost sounds like an abusive relationship. I really don't want to stay and put up with this but I don't have any options. I have looked around for new places but the rent and cost of living in this area is way too high and there is no way I can afford it.

    Sorry for ranting, I just feel physically and mentally burnt out, my health is way too important for me and with the testing and the treatments I have to go through, I need my health back so I can start a plan to move away and get my ducks in a row. Now that I know what is wrong with me, I need to focus on that and get better. I just don't know how this is going to interfere with my health and I much rather try to physically get better first then deal with it later. But who knows how long I will have. I'm wondering if there is a foundation or some advocate for people who have issues that they can't deal with. I know that they have the leukemia & lymphoma foundation for those with cancers, which I do not have, but a family member was really helped by them and was able to get a lot of assistance.

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