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Tools to Track and Analyze Food/Diet/Nutrition

Discussion in 'Information and Resources' started by beaker, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. beaker

    beaker ME/cfs 1986

    I know some have been mentioned in posts scattered around on a few older threads. In looking around, it was hard on the eyes, and brain to track them down. So how about we put them all here?
    A centralized thread for this, where people could add online tools , websites and /or apps, that help them track their diet -- whether to maintain, gain or lose, or to keep track of special dietary needs/restrictions.
    IOW: To try and keep a personalized record of what is going in, and to aide in healthy eating.
    And if in my search to find such a thread, I missed it -- please inform.

    One of my doctors recommended this site to me: Which, to note, per above, I have seen a couple folks mention in a post or 2.

    You can add in a profile when you sign up and calculate what calories you need per day. You can override their calculations if you already know the typical calculation doesn't work for you. Or adjust it later as needed.

    You can keep a food diary. It has a data base of many brands of food and their breakdown -- serving sizes, calories, protein, fat, carbs , sodium, etc...
    Be careful. If a food you eat doesn't look right, it might not be. Check your labels. If it's not right you can add in your own data and save it /label it to use again. And if they don't have a food you eat, you can , of course add it.

    You can put in your own recipes and have them analyzed. You can choose to share them w/ the community or not. I think they would only show up if someone was doing a search for something.

    There is also a daily clicker to keep track of your water intake.
    and A place to make notations. I use this to put time of my meals. My sleep schedule is so off that my lunch maybe someone else's dinner and my dinner somedays might be in the wee hours. Breakfast may be mid afternoon.

    There is a place to add in "exercise" But that isn't a tool I can use unfortunately. Perhaps some are able to.
    You can also log in weight and measures if that is part of your reason for using this tool.

    My personal purpose is to first inventory what I eat and how I have been eating it.
    Next to evaluate that data ( I want to get a couple weeks in and then take a good hard look )
    Make changes to try and have healthier eating. -- i.e. Set alarms so I don't skip meals. ( I find if I sleep for long periods and don't eat when I wake up I'm famished and then I grab what ever is handy and it is usually not so good for me. But I do try to keep things on hand that are easy to grab and healthy. Just need to tweak it and figure it out a big better )
    When I first got sick I lost a ton of weight in the first month or 2. I became skeletal. It wasn't good. It took me years to get back up over 100 pounds.
    Fast forward 27+ years later and add in massive hormone changes ( aka metabolism changes) and now I would like to lose a little.
    The next piece for me is to adjust intake to be both healthier and fewer calories ( take out a lot of that I'm tired and I just need to grab something b/c I'm famished junk out of the equation is a big component ) But it's also very difficult for me to fix / prepare food. So I need to think about that component as I embark on this journey. Large crockpots of homemade soups that can be frozen are good so far.
    Ok. A bit of a tangent -- that's another thread. I wanted this to be about tool and resource gathering for easy access for those it could help.

    Does anyone else have a tool that fits in this category they would like to share ? There might be folks on food/ingredient restrictions that have sites that help them w/ that. Or feel free add to what I have posted about ?

    Thanks !
  2. adreno

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