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Tolerating rooms

Discussion in 'Addressing Biotoxin, Chemical & Food Sensitivities' started by Stephen, Dec 9, 2017.

  1. Stephen


    Does anyone know why my living room/dining room is the only room in the house that I can sleep in? I've been sleeping on a mattress for the past 2 years because I can't tolerate sleeping in any of the bedrooms upstairs. Would like to back from people who have had a similar experience.

    It used to be a case I could not even tolerate being in any of the bedrooms for a few seconds, then over time i could tolerate being in there longer. I've tried sleeping in the main bedroom a few times but my body always feels triggered. My gf gets excited when I try to sleep in the bedroom but I always wake up feeling so much worse and am left bedridden the following day. I have more energy when I sleep downstairs in the living room. It's just so bizarre to me. Why is it like this? The wooden floorboards are different upstairs I guess it could be this. Could be any reason I suppose.
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  2. maybe some day

    maybe some day Senior Member

    San Francisco bay area
    Wonder if you have a mold issue in those rooms. Any staining on walls or ceiling? Might want to have the attic space looked at for mold, fungus, water leaks
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  3. Hip

    Hip Senior Member

    Mold could be one possibility. Or some other chemical present in the upstairs bedrooms.

    Although it's controversial, some ME/CFS patients claim to be electromagnetically sensitive to emissions like WiFi radiation. So you might consider the location of your WiFi if you have it switched on. Most makes of cordless telephones also emit radio waves even when not in use. Also perhaps mobile phone base station radiation if there is one near your home (these emit radiation in a directional triangular bean, which might affect upper levels rooms more than downstairs rooms).
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  4. SueJohnPat

    SueJohnPat Sue

    Medford NJ
    I would look as the web site Paradigm Change. ( mold cfs) I noticed 2 years ago I slept better outside. My house had a very Minor mold problem which we fixed but I became hyperactive to all my possessions.

    We moved to a new house ( to an area further inland from the city) with all new posessions but I still need to sleep outside in order to get rid of the worst cfs symptoms. It was 27 degrees here last night . I slept outside . I woke up without the usual pain / feeling terrible and felt much better. We bought our house because it has a screened in porch and located next to a State forest.

    The mold avoidance is a real pain in the ass but ::::: for me it is a way out of the worst of cfs. I would listen to your instincts, There are thousands of mold avoiders . I am going to look for arctic expedition gear today so I can be more convertible.

    You will probably get little no support from family or friends. My husband thought I was nuts for about a year until he could see how much better I am when I sleep outside. Good luck, Trust your instincts .
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