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Titrating out of Donut Hole Insufficiency

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by susieq777, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. susieq777


    Melbourne, Australia
    Hi all. I've been following Fredd's protocol for the last six weeks or so and seeing real improvement, despite setbacks and confusion from stopping and starting again, feeling scared to increase my dose, etc. I'm now up to 3200mcg Solgar methylfolate and 10000mcg adb12 and about half that of mb12, though I've just switched from the Jarrow brand to the Enzymatic Therapy so I cut back a little from that and am building up to 10,000mcg again.

    I've experienced donut hole insufficiency ... I think. Can you have such a thing happen on 3200mcg? I actually stopped taking for a couple of days last week (long story), so perhaps it's not donut hole insufficiency at all? I'm very confused. But today I added around about an extra dose of methylfolate and I am feeling the benefits, although I feel like I need more. Am thinking tomorrow of doubling those 2 doses again. I am scared to increase my dose by 3 or 4x even though every time I've upped my dose faster I've been pleased with the results and micro-titrating has not worked for me.

    What I'm confused about is what happens once you relieve the donut hole insufficiency? Do you stay at whatever doses you've reached until the next lot of deficiency symptoms start up in days or weeks? Or do you drop back once you've reached that baseline? Just want to confirm what i should be looking out for next. Thanks for your help.

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